7 Ways You Can Coach Yourself to Success

Coaching of business professionals has become an $11 billion annual industry, and although it fills a need, workers can save time and money by implementing some basic principles on their own to become their own coach.

Here are seven principles that meeting professionals can easily implement, adapted from a posting on fastcompany.com.

1. Study the Gap: Professionals often feel stuck in their careers, without understanding why. In many cases, this is because they are so immersed in their routines that they don’t ever stop to examine the gaps in their skills and performance. By doing an ongoing self-analysis, you can identify areas where you need improvement, and thereby take actions to reach your goals.

2. Journal: Keep a journal in which you describe your goals and objectives, and the progress you are making in attaining them. Freely express your thoughts and feelings, even when you are confused. Remember that journaling can be a process, and that you can learn from each step along the way, whatever it may bring.

3. Know Your Focus:
Many people are motivated by wanting to gain something, while others are motivated by not wanting to lose something. Identify your key motivators and use that insight to maintain your focus and remember why you wanted to achieve your goal.

4. Find accountability: It’s important to be held accountable on your progress. Check in regularly with a colleague, friend or mentor who is willing to monitor how you’re moving toward your goals or making other improvements in your life.

5. Get good feedback: Consult with advisers or mentors to get constructive feedback on your work. Remember that feedback is intended to help you improve rather than simply describe what you are or aren’t achieving.

6. Engage in self-inquiry: Think about the choices you make each day and review your journal entries to reflect on why you took certain actions. Examine the motivation behind each action, and whether or not it helped you to attain your goals. And allow yourself to celebrate the successes!

7. Adjust along the way: As you work toward achieving your goals, never be afraid to change course. View it as a process that is ever-changing as you become more mindful about actions that are and aren’t working for you.


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