The All In toolkit is a resource for progress in the meetings and events industry

“Honest and authentic engagement around difference ultimately drives inclusion.”

– Cameron Smith, assistant director, Workplace Program at Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding

Google has teamed up with ADCOLOR, Disability:IN, GLAAD, and the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding to create an All In marketing toolkit to enhance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) awareness in the meetings and events industry.

The All In toolkit by Google provides meeting professionals and event producers with information on how they can be progressive supporters of DEI from building their team, their approach to their procedural strategy and their final event presentation. Key elements highlighted in the toolkit include physical accessibility, inclusive event registration practices, accommodations for neurodiverse attendees, a diverse speaker roster, providing spaces for lactation and/or nursing and a safe space at the event that any attendee can use for prayer or meditation regardless of religious or spiritual alignment.

With a passion for inclusive and accessible event content starting from the very beginning of an event team’s strategy and operations, the All In toolkit from Google and its partners can push the goal of DEI while spreading education and awareness. Smart Meetings has rounded up some of Google’s partners to explain more about why DEI is so important and what their particular organizations contribute to the cause.

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With a clientele of leaders in the creative industry, ADCOLOR focuses on how the leaders of the creative side of meetings and events can continue to propel DEI forward to the next generation of talented professionals who have their own diverse and individual perspectives and ideas that should be nurtured and appreciated. Partnering with Google has empowered ADCOLOR to reach more organizations in the marketing and events industry and raise awareness about the importance of DEI. With a motto of “Rise up, reach back” and the partnership with Google, ADCOLOR is dedicated to ensuring inclusivity is an integral part of the strategies mapped by meeting professionals while planning an event.

“We’re proud to continue partnering with Google, as we have a shared mission of improving inclusivity and representation in marketing,” says Ana Leen, vice president, partnerships, ADCOLOR. “We are further striving for event leaders and companies to recognize, respect and celebrate accessibility for everyone.”

ADCOLOR conference 2023


With a team of experts providing education to meeting and event professionals and customizing solutions for events with needs of all kinds. Onsite consultants from its program Inclusion Works who specialize in disability inclusion can guide meeting and event professionals to ensure every attendee has the same access, comfort and inclusion when participating. Leslie Wilson, executive vice president, global workplace initiatives, Disability:IN, emphasizes the difference a toolkit like Google’s All In can impact the industry in regards to accessibility and inclusion.

“Assuring that individuals with disabilities can fully participate in events is one of the first steps to inclusion and belong,” says Wilson. “We thank Google for sharing the Inclusive Event Guidelines with Disability:IN and its nearly 500 multinational Corporate Partners.”

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As the world’s leading LGBTQ media advocacy organization, GLAAD acknowledges the possibility of discomfort the LGBTQ community may feel when they attend meetings, conferences and events. Ross Murray, vice president of GLAAD Media Institute, expands on the matter.

“LGBTQ can easily feel ‘othered’ at conferences, gatherings and virtual events,” says Murray. In GLAAD’s partnership with Google, meeting professionals can be better informed on how to ensure everyone can be their authentic selves and bring their unique contribution to the table with confidence and acceptance.

LGBTQ pride

“The practice of welcome is one that should be carried out for every gathering,” says Murray. “Then LGBTQ people can bring their authentic selves to the gathering and participate in the discussion, networking and edification. That inclusion results in better collaboration, creativity and community.”

Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding

It is important to accommodate groups of all faiths when scheduling downtime or wellness options at an event or conference. The Tanenbaum Center is a secular nonprofit organization focused on training event and meeting leaders as well as working with them to brainstorm about strategies to increase widespread respect for religious and nonreligious beliefs. The goal is to host meetings and events that will make attendees of any faith feel comfortable, included and appreciated.

Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding

 Cameron Smith, assistant director, Workplace Program at Tanenbaum explains why the Google All In toolkit is important for meeting professionals and event planners.

“It’s important to make sure events are accessible and that people can fully, meaningfully and respectfully participate once in attendance,” says Smith. “We hope that more inclusive events will impart attendees with the necessary knowledge and skills to meaningfully respect difference, practice inclusive behaviors beyond such events and learn about lived experiences outside of their own.”

“Honest and authentic engagement around difference ultimately drives inclusion.”