A leading global destination and event management company has decided to expand its efforts by initiating additional programs to address environmental and social development issues.

After successfully launching the initiative, #bringchangewithME, at IMEX America 2019, Pacific World expanded the conversation about global issues at IBTM World 2019 in Barcelona this month. The company hopes that the initiative will “raise awareness and work with our customers and partners to contribute to building a sustainable world for future generations,” according to Selina Sinclair, global managing director of Pacific World.

Emphasis on Place-Specific Action

The initiative takes a hands-on, bottom-up approach to address key global issues at specific destinations around the world. It was developed by teams around the world, and focuses on place-specific action and change. Examples include Tourism Authority of Thailand’s support of 55 “secondary cities” as the country tries to diversify tourism and spread out business hubs, and Pacific World Thailand’s curation of authentic experiences in these lesser-known cities.

Similarly, Pacific World Greece has established partnerships with local communities to help reduce unauthorized or illegal (IUU) fishing practices along the coast to ensure an environmentally friendly fish market.

Learn More

Pacific World’s website provides information for meeting professionals who want to incorporate positive environmental and social elements into their events, or learn more about the company’s efforts in their favorite destinations.

Founded in Hong Kong in 1980, Pacific World operates in more than 40 countries around the world. Through #bringchangewithME, it seeks to empower clients to use business events as a pathway to drive social change and economic development, and redress the negative impact of tourism at a grassroots level. It is committed not just to sustainable development at destinations, but also to changing attitudes and behaviors in our own backyards.