As every meeting planner knows, business trips are usually jam-packed with important schedules. Planners are often rushing from one appointment, lunch meeting or site inspection to another. Add jetlag and travel fatigue to the equation, and it’s a mystery how event professionals keep their energy up all day. These five tips will help you stay energized while traveling, so you can be at your best during every meeting.

Eat smart.

Pack healthy snacks, choose well-balanced meals and drink lots of water. There’s no denying that typical airplane snacks and fast-food meals are convenient for busy professionals. However, they might leave you satisfied for a short time, but it won’t be long before your energy level takes a deep dive.

Pack healthy snacks such as crackers, granola or carrot sticks, and you’ll find yourself feeling energized for longer periods of time—without having to worry about a sugar crash or food coma causing you to fall asleep in the middle of your next meeting.

Get comfortable.

Whether you’re flying, driving or taking another mode of transportation, make sure to wear your most comfortable outfit. Spending hours in transit is draining enough—there’s no need to add extra stress and discomfort by wearing a stylish but uncomfortable outfit and footwear. You’d be surprised by how much a comfy sweater and favorite pair of sneakers can boost your mood.

Get moving.

Exercising while on the road is one of the best ways to improve your energy and mood. Starting off with a quick workout will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Fortunately, hotels and resorts know that many travelers have wellness on the mind, and are finding exciting new ways to make it easy for guests to stay fit. From updated gyms and spas equipped with the latest technology to in-room yoga and exercise options, there’s something for everyone.

Pencil in some “me” time.

In between all of your busy tasks, make sure to squeeze in a little time for yourself. Whether you take a few hours to explore a new city or spare just 20 minutes for a meditative breather, every little bit counts. Taking a break will clear your mind, refresh your senses and ensure you’re ready to tackle whatever’s next on the schedule.

Get your beauty sleep.

It may seem obvious, but getting a good night’s sleep is important if you want to be at your best. However, it’s not always easy to get enough quality sleep while traveling. If sleeping in an unfamiliar bed and locale keeps you up at night, bring some familiar items—an eye mask, a comforting book or a favorite tea—to make yourself feel more at home.

Also, don’t forget to unplug. When you’re on the road, it’s natural to want to check emails, catch up on work and keep up with everything happening back at headquarters. Don’t sacrifice your sleep to complete these tasks! They’ll still be there when you return from your trip, so when it’s time for bed, turn off your laptop and silence your phone.