Technology is changing the face of meetings today. Blue Jeans Network, (BJN), a global cloud-based video conferencing service provider located in Mountain View, California, recently released its third-annual State of the Modern Meeting Report , which illustrates 5 new meeting trends. Their data is derived from more than five million business video collaboration meetings the company coordinated. Here are the key findings:

1. Weekend meetings are becoming more common, especially on the West Coast. According to BJN, over the past couple of years there has been a 49% increase of meetings occurring on Saturday, and an 84% increase in Sunday meetings.

2. Companies are holding more meetings online, especially during the winter months, when usage doubles. When Boston was buried in blizzard after blizzard last winter, video conferencing increased 35%. When floods hit Texas this past May, video meeting activity increased 26%.

3. Mobility is key, as one-fourth of all meetings handled by BJN had at least one mobile video caller. This is projected to grow with the rise of remote workers stationed around the globe. The overwhelming majority of these mobile callers (78%) used Apple devices.

4. Meetings are growing shorter. The average meeting lasts 36 minutes. Meetings in the Midwest are more likely to start on time, while those on the East Coast are four times more likely to be late.

5. Video meetings translate into eco savings. In 2015, BJN video conferencing saved firms 7.5 billion travel miles (the equivalent of 53 trips to Mars), and $3.3 billion. It also reduced 2.7 billion pounds of Co2, which is the equivalent of planting 322,644 trees.

Some Other Interesting Stats About New Meeting Trends:

-Tuesday is the most popular meeting day.
-The most popular starting time is 3 p.m.
-The slowest time of the year for meetings is spring, between April and June.
-The West Coast has 1.5 times more video meetings than the East Coast.
-Globally, Silicon Valley meets the most, followed in turn by New York, Los Angeles and London.