Security, training and follow-through crown best efforts of meeting producers

The five-star Royal Lancaster London will welcome a number of VIP guests for the Coronation of King Charles III. The 411-room property, overlooking Hyde Park, is no stranger to hosting diplomats, royalty, celebrities and heads of state. This historic and solemn event will be a singular challenge for them and other London hoteliers and the special event designers managing every detail.

And, there is a new aspect to the program. For the first time since 1066 when William the Conqueror was crowned in Westminster Abbey, other monarchs will be invited to attend. Crowned heads from Europe and Japan will be on hand. Prior to that, it was a tradition not to invite other royals who might take away the spotlight from the monarch.

The last coronation was 70 years ago—not within the memory of most royal followers. There really is no playbook for this newest version of an ancient rite, which His Majesty has ordered to be simplified and modernized for the pivotal moment in his reign. This is a religious rite as well as a coronation and a sacrament in the Anglican Church.

Today’s London hoteliers will be setting a few precedents, writing a new playbook and bringing that expertise to the creation of new and dynamic events and meetings. The Royal Lancaster London’s General Manager Sally Beck is confident that their multi-national staff, topflight security, exceptional facilities and thorough knowledge of protocol will carry the day.

“Protocol can be very daunting and complex,” notes Beck, who has welcomed a number of VIP guests during her 10-year tenure. “But, coupled with security, it is a key part of making a guest feel safe and appreciated. I know that in America it is more informal but when protocol is ignored or misunderstood, problems can occur, whether the VIP is a public figure, governor, mayor, senator or CEO of a local corporation.”

Following are some lessons from the preparations that could inform any special event planner.

1. Practice Coordination and Confidentiality

The delegation planning to stay at Royal Lancaster London will first meet with the diplomatic and corporate senior sales manager and the safety and security manager prior to the VIP visit. They will also conduct a complete reconnaissance of the hotel.

“To ensure that we maintain the privacy and confidentiality of dignitaries at all times, we treat mission-critical information on a strictly need-to-know basis,” says Beck. “All of our employees in the hotel are provided with information solely related to service expectations for each delegation.”

VIPs generally travel with their own protection teams and the Metropolitan Police Service assigns a team for each. A dedicated hotel security team is on site to help execute the security plan and coordinate all VIP movements.

The same protocol applies to all delegations. However, cultural awareness must be considered and respected within this framework. Flexibility is key.

2. Train Staff Thoroughly

All hotel staff are fully trained on how to provide five-star service and will be fully briefed on special requirements, amenities and cultural and religious preferences. A core team from different departments is dedicated to looking after VIP guests.

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Special requirements can vary from requesting certain foods, rooms away from the lifts or on a particular floor, blocking off a whole area or floor of the hotel for security reasons, etc. The team can also arrange for discreet private arrivals for VIPs and high-security individuals.

3. Don’t Get Lost in Translation

While most VIP guests speak English, it is prudent to have a translator present for dealing with the delegation and to ensure there are no misunderstandings and to deal with any emergencies. The Royal Lancaster London has a diverse team with over 40 nationalities, so usually there will be a team member who can assist with this.

4. Arrange for Personalized F&B

Some guests may travel with their own private chef or order-in food from their favorite restaurant or the hotel. It is still important to be aware of cultural or religious dietary requirements. This usually includes offering dishes that do not contain alcohol even though it has been cooked to the point that all alcohol is evaporated. Any alcoholic beverages should be removed from the room.

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5. Get the Titles Right

Titles are critical in royal circles and one of King Charles’ first moves was to upgrade the titles of William and Catherine and of his brother Edward. Whether you are dealing with your local Fire Chief or a prominent guest speaker, it is vital to get these titles right. The individual has earned these titles and much offense can be caused if they are incorrect.

Some things to consider: Does the VIP have an Honorable in front of their name and is it spelled out or abbreviated? What letters appear after the name and if they are included, be sure you get the order, spelling and abbreviations right.

6. Fly the Right Flags

 At an event, various official flags might be used—the flag of the home country, the flag of the guest delegation and in the U.S., possibly the state flag. Other flags might include a company flag, military banners and the flags of universities or organizations involved. This is another complex issue that can be problematic. Go to the internet for the most current information on this or check with the offices of your congressional representative.

Luckily, there are lots of places to turn for assistance. Embassies and consulates representing the country involved can help. Universities often have a department of security and/or protocol. The U.S. Department of State is an excellent source of information on protocol for foreign dignitaries. The offices of governors, mayors, senators and members of the House of Representatives and members of a state’s Senate or Assembly can also be a great resource. And of course, Ambassador Google is your friend.

What to See in London During Coronation Year

The Royal Lancaster London plans to celebrate beyond Coronation Day with special offers that will enable guests to experience the many special events and exhibits that will still be offered once the crown settles on King Charles’ head.

“Guests can opt to visit London throughout the summer and take in many of the historic sites related to Britain’s royals,” says Beck. She notes that additional packages are available throughout the summer, geared to families, couples, and others. “Our Concierge Team can organize private tours with Blue Badge Tour Guides so guests can visit the key places in London with Royal History and affinity, alongside their extremely knowledgeable guide.”

The hotel is within walking distance of several renowned royal sites including Kensington Palace, the splendid home of Queen Victoria before she ascended the throne and more recently, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Here you will also find the Statue of Diana, which was unveiled in 2021 and the Princess Diana Memorial Playground. Today, the Palace houses collections of royal dresses and will launch a blockbuster exhibit, From Crown to Couture, in April. A walk through the park takes guests to Buckingham Palace where visitors can tour the Queen’s Gallery and rotating exhibitions of priceless art works from the Royal Collections. The Royal Mews and its magnificent collection of coaches are on display. This summer, Buckingham Palace will be open to the public for tours. The Tower of London spans a thousand years of often infamous royal history and the Beefeater Guides will tell all.

Theater buffs can check out the Royal Court Theater attended by British Royals since the 17th century. A quick train ride takes guests to Windsor Castle, home of the late Queen Elizabeth II, and to Hampton Court Palace where Henry VIII lived with five of his six wives. The scene of many a royal drama, Hampton Court boasts a brilliant combination of Tudor and Baroque architecture. Kew Palace and its botanical gardens was a favorite hangout of George III. Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire is celebrating the Coronation with a new Royal Connections Exhibit of art, furniture, clothing and artifacts connected to royalty.

Most of these venues have gift shops selling unique royal-related merchandise including fine china, crystal, teas and toys. Visitors can engage a personal shopper at Harrods, where generations of royals have sought retail therapy. Shoemakers, jewelers, tailors, milliners, perfumers and cosmeticians can proudly claim Royal Warrants certifying that a member of the Royal Family is a patron. Fortum & Mason was the first to be granted a Royal Warrant from Queen Victoria and its quintessentially British merchandise is still a favorite.

A mid-century architectural landmark, built in 1967, Royal Lancaster London is a popular conference and event venue boasting two ballrooms and a variety of breakout space and meeting rooms. Studio 19, a unique XR Mixed Reality Production Studio, is designed to host virtual, hybrid and live events.

Guests can enjoy a selection of restaurants and bars including the award-winning Nipa Thai, serving the most authentic Thai food outside of Bangkok, Hyde Café for delicious pastries and an indulgent Afternoon Tea and Park Restaurant and Lounge Bar, offering a carefully crafted cocktail menu and relaxed dining. The beautiful Park Restaurant, with stunning floor to ceiling views of Hyde Park, serves a delicious breakfast every morning.

Other amenities and services include a well-equipped gym, bike rentals, in-room spa treatments and picnics in the park. Royal Lancaster London enjoys an ideal location with quick access to the London Underground and a number of buses that stop at the hotel. Nearby Paddington Station provides 20-minute train service to Heathrow Airport and to other UK destinations, plus the newly-opened Elizabeth line.

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Sally Beck, MI, FIH, is general manager at Royal Lancaster London.