Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is good for the world, good for your image and good for your karma. One excellent way to incorporate giveback into your events is through a specific CSR activity.

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Planners have many options when trying to determine what CSR activity to add. Here a few tips and tricks on how to choose the best activity for your group to help create an effective event in the most fun, engaging way possible.

Who is Your Event for?

The first step in choosing a CSR activity is recognizing whom you are choosing it for. If you are hosting a medical conference of health professionals, you might want to choose a charity that focuses on health care, while a room full of environmentalists would likely be more passionate about a sustainability charity.

Where is Your Event?

The next step is determining possibilities at your event’s location. If you are planning a corporate retreat to Mexico, look for local charities or organizations that your attendees can help with there. Not only will you be making an impact in the area that is hosting you: Your attendees will be closer to the action and really feel as if they are making a difference.

Current Events

When it comes to which geographical area or charity type you want to focus on, why not check out current events? As situations change, so does need. Staying up to date on current events can help you choose a CSR activity that will benefit those who are in real need when your event occurs. Your attendees will also likely be more interested and engaged, as the activity will be topical and inspiring.

Get Creative!

As for your actual activity, get creative with it! While some attendees prefer to cut a check and be done with it, if you make an activity fun and engaging, your guests will want to participate (although checks are always welcome as well!). Get active by planting some trees or volunteering at a local animal shelter. Or get competitive by organizing a poker game or table tennis tournament – with the winner getting to choose which charity they want to donate the prize money to.

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Alternatively, use your attendees’ skills (are there great designers or marketers in your crowd?) and have them do an hour or two of work for a charity on site. That way, attendees can work together, practice some things they have undoubtedly learned at your event and help a charity in the best way they can.

Reach Out

At the end of the day, when you are planning a CSR activity, you are offering a charity either financial help or labor. Therefore, the charity or organization will be more than willing to work with you. So, once you have chosen the ideal charity for your group, reach out to it and work together to create a CSR activity that is effective, fun and ticks all the boxes (including time, budget and location) for your event.