Combat Elevation Symptoms at Aspen’s High Altitude

“Colorado is America’s highest state,” a tour guide told Smart Meetings on a recent FAM trip to Aspen. Interpret that as you see fit.

Located at an elevation of 7,908 ft. above sea level, visitors may encounter adverse symptoms associated with change in altitude. Guests could feel dehydration, shortness of breath, dizziness, throat and lip dryness, or experience nosebleeds. This is all very common, even among local residents, and not usually cause for alarm.

As a welcome amenity, gift attendees with a swag bag that includes an Altitude Kit or build your own.

Contents include the following:

  • Resqwater—Drink it chilled to help with muscle recovery.
  • Oxygen—Have a spray can of oxygen to inhale while performing strenuous activities.
  • Sunscreen—At high altitudes, you’re closer to the sun, so your skin burns easier.
  • Lip Balm and Breath Mints—They keep lips and throat moist in this dry climate.
  • Ear Plugs—Aspen is very quiet, but these are included just in case visitors need to hush unfamiliar noises for a good night’s sleep.
  • Acli-Mate—This energy supplement aids in electrolyte loss and dehydration.

Without you even realizing it, the Aspen air can dry out the inner lining of your nose, causing it to bleed spontaneously. Encourage attendees to carry tissues, napkins or a towel in case this happens. A saline nasal spray, available at local drugstores, can assist in coating the lining of the nostrils with therapeutic moisture.

Additionally, most, if not all, Aspen guest rooms come equipped with a humidifier. Check your closet. If you need help setting it up, hotel staff are more than happy to assist.

Especially on day 1, when adjusting to the new environment, out-of-towners may experience extreme thirst. It is important to keep hydrated at all times, especially with beverages that include electrolytes. Avoid drinks such as coffee and alcohol that are known to dehydrate you. The effects of alcohol are amplified at this high altitude, so be a cautious consumer. Drinkers may feel tipsy after having fewer drinks than when at sea level.

Refer attendees who are struggling to an oxygen lounge, such as the one at Remede Spa inside The St. Regis Aspen Resort. Planners can also arrange for an oxygen bar to be set up at their event.

If you provide attendees with these remedies, everyone will enjoy that Rocky Mountain high.


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