5 Ways to Keep Event Costs Low

Whether you’re planning a small meeting or gearing up for a large trade show, odds are you’re working within a set budget. Surely you’ve been thinking long and hard about how to put together the best event at the lowest cost. The following five tips will help keep your event costs low while planning an unforgettable event!

1. Find a Privately Owned Venue

When you’re shopping around for a venue, start by looking at private spaces. They’re often equipped with experts devoted to you and your event. Schedule time with them to talk about specifics. A private company may be more flexible with pricing than public venues—or at least more creative about finding solutions.

2. DIY Planning

After you’ve chosen a venue, a variety of add-ons can bump up the price. Instead, spend a little bit of time DIY planning. Several event decorations are easy to find online or make yourself, such as center pieces and lighting. Taking time to find your own decorations allows you shop for the best items at the lowest prices. Essentials such as tablecloths, dishes, and signage are just some of the basics that can be found at a lower price. Every penny counts, and the savings will add up!

3. Book Early

Perhaps the easiest way to save money is to book your event space early. The later you book, the more likely you’re going to encounter less flexibility and a lack of availability. Business venues will most likely be busiest in the fall and first quarter going into spring, so plan your date accordingly. Booking your event space four to six months in advance should prevent unwanted fees and give you enough time to find an optimal venue. This also gives you more time to prepare and publicize your event.

4. Outsource Catering

Similarly to decor, your vendor may offer catering services for your event at a premium price. By outsourcing, you can choose from a variety of cuisines and price points. Local restaurants may offer a wider selection of great food, and even add a bit of local flavor to your event, while working with you to meet your budget. Supporting local businesses is also a great way to foster business relationships in the area, which can help your business expand its network!

5. Keep Event Space Clean

Often times, venues require a security deposit to book your event. This security deposit will be used as collateral in the event that you incur any damages while using the space. By keeping the event space clean, you can avoid losing your deposit. After the event, spend some time cleaning up to make sure everything is in order. Putting the space back the way you found it is an easy way to get your deposit back and meet your budget.

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