Which Airlines and Airports are Most Punctual?

Meeting and event planners are well-aware that time is money, and that arriving late can completely throw off an otherwise successful function. Alas, when travel is involved, even more factors are at play.

You might hustle to the airport early, only to catch your breath and discover your flight’s been delayed. It’s not only an inconvenience, but also a major source of stress and anxiety.

OAG, an air travel intelligence company, released its On-Time Performance (OTP) Star Ratings, recognizing top airlines and airports around the world for outstanding performance. When booking your next trip, you might want to consider these ratings as you’re deciding between airlines and airports.

“Today’s travelers are evaluating their air travel options through a variety of considerations, and punctuality is increasingly becoming a deciding factor,” says John Grant, senior analyst at OAG. “On-time performance is viewed as an indicator to judge the quality of an airline or airport. As a result, many airlines and airports continue to track this critical metric and invest to optimize operations and improve their performance.”

Here are a few of the most significant findings in the report.


  • Hawaiian Airlines was the only North American carrier to earn five stars, with an OTP of 87.7 percent.
  • Delta was the only legacy carrier to earn four stars, with an OTP of 82.8 percent.
  • Despite its large fleet, Delta also beat out smaller airlines, including Alaska Airlines and Sun Country Airlines.
  • Southwest (78.9 OTP), American (78.8 OTP) and United (78.5 OTP) all received solid ratings, with each earning three stars.



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