How to Find the Right Event Entertainment

Finding the best event entertainment can be tricky. When evaluating your options, it’s important to maintain fundamental considerations, such as budget, timeliness and convenience. But there are some additional factors to assess, as well. For instance, corporate culture and client preferences are major aspects. Ultimately, the process can seem overwhelming, even to an expert planner. That’s why we’ve laid out some best practices and crucial considerations for making this decision.

Stay Within the “Fun” Budget

It’s wise to begin by crafting a specific budget for event entertainment. However, if the opportunity arises, or the occasion calls for it, the budget might need to expand. In these cases, it’s best to take any additional funds from the “fun” budget, meaning the more general budget for decor, food and entertainment.

It’s All about the Attendees

It may take a little extra research, but it is well worth ensuring the entertainment matches the interests of your attendees. Avoid choosing entertainment based on your personal tastes. Instead, consider the specific demographic you are trying to satisfy. Factors that will help guide your decision include age, profession, type of event and location. Niche entertainment groups are generally more risky, unless you’re certain that these attendees are fans. A safe bet would be music that covers popular hit through several time periods.

Be Extra Careful with Comedy

Everyone loves a good laugh. But since comedy can be a little controversial, it’s important at professional functions to make sure the individual or group you’re hiring keeps it clean, is family-friendly and avoids targeting others.

Do Your Research

So you found the perfect band for your demographic—now what? It’s time to make sure it is reliable. If the event entertainment wasn’t directly recommended to you, try to get references from past clients. Also, do your homework. Before signing off on anything, explore the web and look for video or audio recordings.

Stipulate Expectations Beforehand

You want to make the most of your entertainment, especially if you spent a pretty penny hosting it. Before the event, establish and then clearly communicate expectations with the entertainers. A few things you might want to include requesting are a question-answer session, social media posts, meet-and-greet and merchandise. It’s also necessary to diligently review specify dates, preferences, deposit deadlines and other logistics.


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