Welcome to Smart Meetings 360!

So, you’re interested in learning how you can streamline your site sourcing and make your job easier. Well, aren’t you clever. Welcome to Smart Meetings 360, where sourcing your next meeting has never been easier.

Faster than you can say ‘super-site-sourcing-solution-to-the-rescue’!

Did you know that 77% of meeting planners report that it takes five or more days to source a meeting? If you fall into that 77%, you can breathe a sigh of relief. With Smart Meetings 360, we research, negotiate, schedule site inspections, review contracts and provide frequent status updates faster than you can say ‘super-site-sourcing-solution-to-the-rescue’!

Stick around to learn how Smart Meetings 360 has helped the busiest of meeting planners streamline their sourcing, optimize their results and save a ton of time and money—all while looking like a rock star in front of their bosses. Plus, receive tips and tools from expert sourcing professionals and learn the quickest and easiest way to source your next RFP.

Check back for weekly industry updates on the most up-to-date sourcing news. From hot online sessions for planners and the ultimate event planning checklist, to tips for keeping your budget under control and how to stay cool under pressure, we’ve got you covered.

No judging, we’re just like you.

So, sit back, put your color-coordinated spread sheet aside (no judging, we’re just like you) and relax, you’ve got Smart Meetings 360.

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