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A well-built RFP is so this season.

Maybe you’re planning a large corporate event with hundreds of attendees, or perhaps it’s a smaller executive retreat. Regardless of the size, when it comes to sourcing, a well-built RFP is so this season. Hotels receive 8-10 of these bad boys each day, so it’s critical that yours makes a lasting impression.

Rules are made to be broken, but there a few that never go out of style.

The upcoming webinar, Break Through the Noise: The Do’s & Don’ts of Building Standout RFPs, shares best practices to ensure you design and package a detailed RFP that hotels actually want.

I know, I know— rules are made to be broken. But when it comes to RFPs there are a few that never go out of style, and the Smart Meetings 360 squad is ready to break down the RFP sourcing game just for you.

Listen in and learn to tackle common challenges every planner faces including how to:

  • Implement the most effective ways to negotiate F&B
  • Apply critical insight on today’s rapidly changing industry outlook
  • Structure your RFP so that it’s most attractive to hotels
  • Hit up the right decision makers with the power to tailor your meeting experience

Join hundreds of your planner peers for best practices on everything from room rates, meeting space, production, date flexibility and tiered pricing, right down to performing an impeccable site-inspection.

With these helpful how-to’s, you’ll be drafting, negotiating and sourcing like a pro! So, grab a pen, put on the Rocky soundtrack and let’s source this thang.

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