4 Onsite Items for Your Site Inspection Checklist

It’s been said that a site visit is often an undervalued part of the site-selection process. This seems counter-intuitive to me. Shouldn’t the site inspection be the most valued step in the arduous journey of site selecting? I think so, too. Sure, it’s great to have a ringing endorsement from a respected colleague on how wonderful the venue is, or great reviews from other planners. But nothing beats standing center stage at the venue for yourself: seeing it, feeling it, tasting it. Essentially, casing the joint. Here are a few helpful hints on a some often overlooked site-inspection items. Happy hunting! Lights, Camera, Sound While you’re taking a lap around the property and checking out the meeting rooms, pay close attention to the lights and sound. Make it a point to meet with the property’s A/V team and imagine the aesthetics of the room with a giant projection screen, for instance. Checking these items out first hand will really give you a true feeling of how your meeting will look and operate. Taste the Food Finally, it’s time to eat. This is a great opportunity to not only chow down on some world-class cuisine, but also to learn more about the propertiy’s dining options. Do your attendees have dietary restrictions? Can the property fulfill these needs? This is also your chance to meet the chef and find out if the property shares the same health and wellness values as your company. Size of  Meeting Space At the end of the day, many great meetings are a numbers game. How many square feet of meeting space does the venue have? Are the rooms large enough to comfortably fit your group? What are its breakout rooms like? Do you require separate space for a rockin’ after-party? If so, how many people can this space hold? It’s easy to fall in love with a beautiful venue only to find out later that it can’t actually hold your group or meet your needs. Easy Access When you arrive at the venue, consider how easy (or difficult) the trek was getting there. For instance, is the property near an airport? How’s the public transportation? What about parking? These are all factors that will be super important to your attendees, and with a thorough, first-hand site inspection, you’ll be able to give a full report!

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