Stuck in an Airport? There is Plenty To Do

Travel TipsBusiness travelers, especially in this era of polar vortexes, are likely finding themselves stuck in airports more often than not. But really, there are some benefits. Diane Gottsman, a travel blogger for Huffington Post, has some ideas to maximize unscheduled downtime.

Look Around. If the layover is a long one, go sightseeing, especially in a city with a good public transit option.

Find a drink and socialize.  Taste a new wine or a new cocktail, get something to eat.

Duty-Free shopping. A traveler could find some interesting liquors, cosmetics, chocolates or nice gifts to take home.

Charge your gear:  Get a pocket-sized charger and keep it handy. Is is comforting to know you have a full charge on your cell phone in order to stay in touch.

Get caught up. Use some time to get ahead, prepare for a meeting or check in online to find out information about the city your are heading to. heck your inbox and respond to messages.

Don’t get angry with staff. It’s not the desk agent’s fault your flight is late, and you are not alone. Stay calm.

Stay off the floor. If you are trapped for more than 24 hours,  try to make yourself comfortable without resorting to sleeping where other people walk.

Keep your shoes on. You wouldn’t want to be subjected to anyone else’s feet, so don’t expose yours.


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