The 2018 Winter Edition of Meeting Professionals International (MPI) has been released. Focusing on industry trends and predictions, MPI’s report concentrates on findings related to personalization of events through technology and data consumption, as well as the increasing importance of face-to-face meetings. The report also details the change in priorities for event planners, the general outlook for the upcoming year and projected budgets. The good news: things are looking up.

Findings include:

  • 28% of respondents mention apps as the dominant technology in the industry
  • Virtual attendance is predicted to increase by 2.6%, while attendance at live events is predicted to increase by 2.15%
  • 62% of respondents predict favorable business conditions, with an anticipated 2.1% increase over the next year
  • For 44% of respondents, safety has become the top priority for planners and their choice in venues and destinations
  • 49% of respondents report positive outlooks on projected budgets

What does this mean for planners? It’s definitely a spark of hope. And it’s a good prediction of what’s to come in the near future with regards to emerging technology and priorities of the modern planner. With the use of apps, you can bring your event to life through social media (or go the distance and create an app for your event). When it comes to picking a destination, keep your guests’ safety in mind and double-check the area and venue itself for any potential dangers. And don’t feel pessimistic about the future—why not join the 62% of respondents who feel nothing but optimism? 2018 will be a strong year for all as long as you stay on top of trends, and keep up that positivity.