Coachella is arguably the queen of music festivals. Each year, around 126,000 people (per weekend) unite in the desert of Indio, California, to enjoy performances by the  trending musicians. Now in its 18th year, the 3-day, 2-weekend festival is a dynamic experience which has grown to be much more than just a few concerts. Coachella is a convergence of Instagrammable foods, high-tech décor and innovative activity options—the perfect combination for popularity.

Considering the festival’s consistent and major success, event planners can take a few tips from its many unique event ideas. This colorful guide is sure to spark inspiration in any planner.


Coachella is offering more than 100 food vendors this year, serving all tiers of food and beverage options. Regarding variety, Coachella promises “everything from wood-fired pizza and hand-crafted burgers to authentic street tacos and fresh-from-the-wok pad Thai,” along with “plenty of options for every taste and budget, and ample menu items for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free guests.”


Kindred is a full-service, dine-in pop-up restaurant in the secluded VIP area at Coachella. The San Diego-based restaurant serves vegan food and drinks. With a menu featuring components such as beer battered dill slices, maple spiced carrots and curry roasted cauliflower, Kindred is truly a health experience unlike any other.


Who copped a waffle pop on Coachella Day One? ☝?? We are on the Boardwalk! See you Day Two! ? @foodwithmichel

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Sweet Combforts is a waffle dessert concept. In its Coachella debut, they’re serving up decked out Belgian waffle. Waffle topping options include Fruity Pebbles, Oreo, animal crackers and “Plain Jane.”

PDT (Please Don’t Tell) is a famous New York City speakeasy. It has two stations at Coachella offering an Old West-themed cocktail cabin serving premium whiskey. The brand is also introducing a tiki bar called PDTiki,  a 35-person bar in the Beer Barn Area.

MatchaBar is a family-owned business that features bright green Matcha tea in all of its products. The stand provides cup and bottle options along with baked goods which also integrate the ingredient.

Supplementary activities

Naturally, music is the main entertainment at Coachella, but sometimes attendees appreciate a few extra entertainment options, especially with a mixed crowd. People often want to get moving and interacting. Here are a few ways Coachella provides that.

Yoga and pilates classes are offered on the campsite area. Professional classes are held at several times in the mornings under a shade structure.


Rock, paper, scissors final pt. 1

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Game tournaments are held throughout the weekend. Many of these offer enticing prizes such as VIP upgrades. Games range from dodgeball to life-sized foosball to rock, paper, scissors challenges.

“Twerk Out” dance classes are available at the festival daily from Friday through Sunday. Attendees receive personal instruction on how to really get down for the upcoming performances.


Afterparties are the time for planners to really showcase creativity and induce excitement. Brands are using highly innovative methods of making their parties stand out at this year’s Coachella.

Neon Carnival was sponsored by Levi’s and Tequila Don Julio, and conceived by event producer Brent Bolthouse. The glowing carnival mixed games, performance, neon lighting and amusement-park rides. Tinder’s ride was particularly memorable as it paired matches on bumper-car rides.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Escape began with escorted boat rides. The special treatment continued by providing chokers or anklets that could be personalized on-the-spot with the owner’s name.

Fashion Mamas Pool Party acknowledged the diverse crowd of attendees by creating a family-friendly environment for guests. At the pool party, Base Coat Nail Salon offered pedicures using a special collection of colors.

PopSugar’s Cabana Club included a very customizable giveaway in which guests selected the contents of their makeup swag bag. The bags were then topped off with the guest’s name and Instagram handle. The party had glamorous photo opportunities set against a floral background. Of course, posting pictures of amazing perks is half the fun of Coachella.