To boost ROI, corporate meeting planners search for ways to make meetings more engaging, effective, concise and relevant. Now, as technology becomes an increasingly important part of the meeting planning process, tools are available that help planners determine the key factors impacting the success and effectiveness of a meeting.

EventBoard, a cloud-based software and analytics platform for meetings management, is using data to break down the effectiveness of an organization’s meetings and identify areas that can be improved. The Salt Lake City-based startup’s innovative use of technology is gaining recognition—the impressive list of early adopters includes TripAdvisor, Twitter and Airbnb.

Futuristic features

Conference Room Scheduling

EventBoard’s scheduling feature gives employees real-time visibility and access to the rooms and resources that they need, when they need them.  The software streamlines scheduling and reduces the risk of conflicts while integrating with popular office calendar programs from Microsoft Office and Google.

EventBoard’s customizable conference room display software, which runs on iPad and Android tablets, shows real-time meeting room availability and allows users to reserve rooms through the app. Attendees are also able to check in when they arrive, which reduces lateness and helps keep meetings on schedule.

Meeting Room Utilization Reports

EventBoard can provide an amazing amount of information about an organization’s meetings, such as conference rooms that are used most often, the number of attendees participating, duration of meetings and employees’ preferred dates and times for holding them. This information can help planners determine ideal times and locations to boost group engagement and meeting effectiveness.

The platform also offers insights on conference room technology, such as which tech tools are most-liked and most used, and which are most prone to errors. Planners can use this data to determine which meeting technologies are worth the investment—and which aren’t.