Looking for something good to read this summer? We’ve got you covered. From books that take an irreverent approach to meeting planning to comprehensive guides on everything from meeting design to green events, this reading list has everything the modern meeting planner needs for a relaxing day of poolside reading.

Confessions of an Event Planner: Case Studies from the Real World of Events
Author Judy Allen has created a hilarious yet educational guide to life as an event planner. The book takes readers on a journey that follows a fictional company and characters through the various stages of planning a variety of events around the world. What makes the book unique is its real-world focus. Many books offer theory and step-by-step guides, but Allen’s book reveals some of the unexpected situations and last-minute obstacles that can—and often do—occur. The description boasts, “From an event planner who’s seen it all and knows how to deal with it all comes practical first-hand advice delivered in an entertaining and accessible format.”

Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality
Everyone has ideas—but not everyone can execute them to the fullest. Planners understand the struggles of bringing an idea to life. Making your vision a reality requires tenacity, creativity and problem-solving skills. Author Scott Belsky studied exceptionally productive individuals and teams to discover the principles and techniques that they have in common and develop an effective approach to creative organization and productivity.

Into the Heart of Meetings: Basic Principles of Meeting Design
The authors of this book claim that meetings of all kinds, from conferences and conventions to seminars and workshops, are incredibly underutilized. This book aims to help meeting planners unlock the full potential of their events. The book’s description emphasizes that “the power of meetings depends on the human dynamics they are capable of unleashing. To accomplish that effectively requires a new paradigm for the way in which meeting programs are conceived and executed. Meeting design provides that new paradigm and the authors discuss all the basic knowledge a meeting designer needs to possess.”

Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers
Corporate meeting planners will love this book of inventive games that are designed to create an environment that fosters creative thinking and innovation. According to the description, the book’s authors “have identified tools and techniques from some of the world’s most innovative professionals” to craft more than 80 games that are proven to help attendees communicate more effectively and inspire new ideas and strategies

The Power of Participation: Creating Conferences That Deliver Learning, Connection, Engagement, and Action
Conferences are at their best when attendees engage and contribute to discussions. Active participants help spark new ideas and create opportunities for collaboration and networking. So what can planners do to encourage participation? Through concepts such as experiential learning and peer connection, this book shows planners how they can turn passive attendees into active participants and boost learning, engagement and event effectiveness.

Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide
For a growing number of planners, planning sustainable events is a priority. From selecting green venues to choosing locally sourced food and beverage, this book will help meeting planners discover that there are many great ways to plan and manage a sustainable event. Author Meegan Jones has worked in event management for 20 years. From the description, her book is a “step-by-step guide taking readers through the key aspects of how to identify, evaluate and manage event sustainability issues and impacts—for events of any style and scale, anywhere in the world.”

Retreats That Work: Everything You Need to Know About Planning and Leading Great Offsites
Need some inspiration for your next offsite? Check out the expanded edition of this book that claims to share “everything you need to know about planning and leading great offsites.” It includes step-by-step instructions for 47 activities, information about how to plan retreats and suggestions for encouraging attendee participation and managing conflict. A CD is included that makes it easy for readers to print out chapters and produce handouts. New and experienced planners alike rave about the authors’ clear, concise format and invaluable information.