15 Greatest Strategies for Meeting Planners

This year, meetings and events were elevated to a whole new level. Thanks to the latest technologies, streamlined event management practices and increased attendee engagement, meetings are connecting more people than ever before. Take a look at 2015’s greatest strategies for meeting planners, from measuring and calculating ROI to innovative design elements and event marketing tools.


1. Event Design Principles to Create Stunning Meeting Experiences

Event design is far more important than planners might realize, so this article will introduce readers to three basic principles that can be used to make sound event design decisions.

8 Ways Conferences Are Evolving

2. 8 Ways Conferences Are Evolving

Event professionals who plan conferences are observing that the traditional old model is rapidly becoming extinct. Here are 8 ways conferences are evolving to become more inclusive and interactive.

Meeting Outcomes

3. 5 Mindsets That Impact Meeting Outcomes

In a blog post entitled “Attitudes That Separate Growing, Healthy Conferences From Declining Ones,” Jeff Hurt discusses the major factors that he believes make the difference between a robust or a lackadaisical meeting.

6 Tips for Last Minute Events

4. 6 Tips for Last-Minute Events

Dan McCarthy, event manager at VenueSeeker, suggests 6 tips for coming up with an organized plan for last-minute events.


5. 5 Compelling Reasons to Meet In Person

Even though a recent Meeting Professional International survey shows that virtual attendance is projected to grow at twice the rate of live attendance, there are five solid reasons why live, person-to-person meetings are more conducive for business.


6. 5 Strategies to Get the Most Out Of Meetings

Many employees probably groan and grumble when they see that the boss has scheduled yet another meeting. But Cameron Herold, a business development expert and author, insists it doesn’t need to be that way.


7. 6 Quick Tips to Innovate Meeting Design

Simply put, design can make or break a meeting. Innovative, thoughtful meeting design can significantly enhance attendee engagement and productivity.

Periscope to Promote Events

8. 6 Tips for Using Periscope to Promote Events

Although live video is nothing new, live-streaming platforms are having a major moment, especially in the meetings sphere. Using video apps is becoming a viable method of connecting with attendees in a more personal way.


9. Wow Attendees with Multisensory Events

According to a survey of more than 600 meeting and event planners, only 27 percent of respondents believe all five senses─sight, sound, taste, smell and touch─are being used effectively throughout the industry.


10. Hybrid Meetings: Big Effort, Big Reward

The potential value of meetings has gone up significantly due to the ability to conduct them in a hybrid manner. But what exactly does hybrid mean? In short, a hybrid meeting involves an in-person audience, as well as a remote audience connected via video and audio technology.

Take Event Management Online

11. Techno Files: Take Event Management Online

Event management tech streamlines event processes and allows planners to manage everything in one place, among other benefits, and there are many ways to put it to effective use.

new meeting trends

12. 5 New Meeting Trends to be Aware of

Technology is changing the face of meetings today. Blue Jeans Network, a global cloud-based video conferencing service provider, recently released its third-annual State of the Modern Meeting Report, which illustrates 5 new meeting trends.

Low Cost Tech Tools

13. 14 Great Low-Cost Tech Tools for Planners

Do you want to know which low-cost tech tool can transform company data into a quality infographic, or what free app can help schedule a virtual meeting time convenient for workers scattered across the globe? Planners need look no further.


14. 16 Best Practices for Marketing Your Event

A big dilemma for meeting professionals is how to attract attendees to events. Marketing expert Ron Rosenberg gave a high-energy presentation at the 2015 Meeting Professional International’s World Education Congress that included several tips.

in the event of a crisis

15. 9 Tips In the Event of a Crisis

Most meeting planners are well-aware of how unpredictable weather, last-minute venue changes and eleventh hour cancellations can wreak havoc if there is no back-up plan in place. The key is to make sure your team is ultra-prepared for the absolute worst.