A noise-free, colorful, engaging performance

BBQ. Hot dogs. Fireworks. All are staples of the traditional American July 4th celebration as the U.S. collectively celebrates the freedom gained by our forefathers. While it is hard to re-invent classic 4th of July food, fireworks are a different story.

While some could make the case that fireworks are essential for Fourth of July festivities, there are other factors to consider. According to Psychology Today, 30% of combat veterans and first responders, along with 8% of civilians meet the standards for having post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  The loud booms and colorful explosions can be triggers for war veterans and can inadvertently force them to relive past experiences.

Smart Meetings spoke with Eddie Fernandez, vice president of business development for Go Drone Shows, on offering an alternative to fireworks during the national holiday.

Drones > Fireworks

As drones have become more popular in recent years, they have also become an alternative to fireworks, especially during the 4th of July weekend festivities.

“The reason that drones have become so popular in lieu of fireworks are for a variety of reasons. More than anything, it is ecologically friendly,” said Fernandez, citing the issue of noise pollution.

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“People that are sensitive to that, whether it’s veterans or whether it’s animals like dogs who are constantly getting out and running,” he said. Animal shelters are often overburdened during the Fourth of July.

The most sound emitted during a standard performance of the drones is a hum.

Drones on the Go

No matter where you may be looking to host a drone show at your future event, Go Drone Shows is equipped to go the distance.

“We operate internationally. We’ve flown up to Costa Rica to do shows, we’ve done shows in our own backyard and everywhere in between. It’s really where the client asks us to be. We try to service anyplace that we possibly can, as far as what we do,” said Fernandez.

Drone Art

In terms of art, Fernandez equates one drone to one pixel of a digital image. “The more pixels you have, the more complex and larger the images and animations can become. It really does act like a hive mentality.”

The designers and engineers spend much of the time prior to the performance programming the show to the specifications of the clients.

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“The drones are visible from up to five miles away. They are extremely, extremely bright. But as far as how many we fly, that’s on a case-by-case basis,” he said. “That really depends on what the client’s budget is and what the client is looking for as far as complexity of the designs and animations.”

Fly Time

Each drone is capable of lasting 12 minutes in the air. But the length of the show itself can vary based on several factors.

“There are multiple ways to extend flight time one is staggering sets,” Fernandez continued, “As one is launching and another one is taking its place, creating that seamless transition. Additionally, what we can do is by multiple shows by doing battery swaps, the batteries are the capacity that keeps it at that 12-minute limit.”

Of Go Drone Show’s clients, 70% book about 200 drones for their events, but Fernandez reaffirms that that is on a case-by-case basis.

Services In-Demand

For planners seeking these services, Go Drone Shows is booked out for the year 2023 but has some availability starting in 2024.

“We do have extra drones and availability to be flexible for servicing for other clients. Even though we are extremely busy, we always try to accommodate any new clients.”