Nominate a Planning Powerhouse for Planner of the Year Awards

What’s an event without a planner? Most likely, a disaster.

We want to recognize those that go to extensive, sometimes tiring lengths, for their craft. Their meticulous work should not go unnoticed.

If you know a planning star that dazzles despite the mishaps that inevitably come with event planning, show your appreciation by nominating them for Smart Meetings’ first annual Planner of the Year award.

We’re looking for planners big and small who show incredible tenacity and zeal for the world of planning. Nominees should demonstrate consistent ingenuity, significant contributions within their means, and most importantly, a desire to do it over again.

Self-submissions are more than welcome.

Nominations are made by industry professionals and will be carefully considered and selected by the Smart Meetings Editorial team. Winners will be featured in Smart Meetings’ September print and digital issues. Submissions are due by July 16.

Nominate a planner, today!