5 Things Planners are Thankful for

Colorful turkey cut-outs and pumpkin-spiced everything should clue you in—Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Meaning, the pressure is on to be thankful. Although being a professional planner comes with a great deal of stress, travel and lack of sleep, there are a lot of good reasons people eagerly enter the field each year. Need some help getting started on a thankful list? Here are five things every planner can put down.

1. You’re Cultured and Full of Stories

Event planners are no strangers to airport terminals and hotel check-ins. Traveling to interesting places will inevitably lead to fascinating cultural exposure.

2. Full Circle of Friends and Contacts

Being a people-person is both a prerequisite and a consequence of being an event planner. Every encounter only further cultivates this skill.

3. Stress is a Lifestyle

OK, bear with us. This might not sound like an ideal constant state. However, you can certainly appreciate your ability to thrive under pressure and manage copious amounts of pressure.

4. Your Passion and Creativity Flows

Meeting and event planning is a field for the passionate. Plus, from unique problem-solving strategies to artful event execution, planners are never short on opportunities to engage their creative minds.

5. Fulfilling Sense of Purpose

Event planners are in the business of experiences and connections. In one of our quizzes, responses revealed that 44 percent of planners believe that everyone leaving happy is what makes an event memorable. You work toward this goal every day and accomplish it more than you may realize.


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