Julia Berman

Julia Berman is the digital content editor at Smart Meetings. She has a three-year background in content writing and marketing, and is a graduate of Colgate University in New York where she studied English, creative writing and psychology.

Insights in Company Culture from Fortune’s Top 100 Places to WorkProfessionalTips & Tools

What makes for good company culture? Generous bonuses? Top products? Snacks? Answering this million-dollar question is even more important for event planners who rely on quality employees in a tight hospitality job market. Companies offering a positive atmosphere attract and then develop their prime talent. Suggesting, success requires an ongoing examination of what’s happening internally….

damage control

The 4 Essentials for Event Damage ControlMeeting Planning

No matter how much you plan, there will always be obstacles at an event. While you can’t predict every roadblock, establishing a plan for damage control will facilitate a swift and smooth recovery. Here are the most common mistakes when diffusing a situation and how you can improve them. 1. Delaying a Response Fix: Get…

9 Tricks for Packing SmarterHow ToTips & Tools

It’s hard to find a happy medium when packing for a trip. If you pack too much, a heavy bag is going to weight you down—both physically and mentally. Pack too little and you’ll be kicking yourself for not bringing that extra pair of flats. Business travel is even trickier. The belongings you take will…

Show Some Planner Love with a Gift BoxPlannerTips & Tools

What’s the best way to elevate a gift basket? Put it in a box. Many CVB’s have caught onto this compact and convenient way to send local goods to their favorite planners. Still, packaging a neat collection isn’t enough. Planners are spoiled with gifts, so you need to include something memorable.

The Ultimate Road to CMPHow ToPlannerTips & Tools

The CMP is met with global recognition for excellence in the meeting, convention, exhibition and event industry.

Although we can’t assure you that the road will be easy, in fact we predict a few bumps along the way, we’re confident that you can handle it. Here’s a map of what to expect.