Julia Berman

Julia Berman

Digital Content Editor at Smart Meetings
Julia Berman is the digital content editor at Smart Meetings. She has a three-year background in content writing and marketing, and is a graduate of Colgate University in New York where she studied English, creative writing and psychology.
Julia Berman

Insights in Company Culture from Fortune’s Top 100 Places to WorkProfessionalTips & Tools

What makes for good company culture? Generous bonuses? Top products? Snacks? Answering this million-dollar question is even more important for event planners who rely on quality employees in a tight hospitality job market. Companies offering a positive atmosphere attract and then develop their prime talent. Suggesting, success requires an ongoing examination of what’s happening internally….

damage control

The 4 Essentials for Event Damage ControlMeeting Planning

No matter how much you plan, there will always be obstacles at an event. While you can’t predict every roadblock, establishing a plan for damage control will facilitate a swift and smooth recovery. Here are the most common mistakes when diffusing a situation and how you can improve them. 1. Delaying a Response Fix: Get…