World’s Wackiest Tourist Attractions

Conde Nast Traveler’s Marisa LaScala tracked down some of the world’s wackiest tourist attractions, and they’re so interestingly unusual that we want to spread the word about them.

-Carhenge: Artist Jim Reinders’ homage to Stonehenge in Alliance, Nebraska (pictured), incorporates 38 classic cars, all painted gray and arranged similarly to the original stone structure in England. In a spiritual nod, Carhenge was dedicated on the summer solstice in 1987.

-Gnome Reserve: Fans of kitschy lawn decorations will want to check out more than 1,000 gnomes and pixies on display at the outdoor Gnome Reserve in Devon, England. Fun-loving guests don normal-sized pointed hats and fishing rods provided by the site to get in on the act. The attraction also features a museum with a collection of antique statues.

-Upside-Down House: Those who visit China Folk Painting Village in Shanghai’s Fengjing Ancient Town can dance on the ceiling—literally. The quirky, two-story structure was purposely built upside down. It features a child’s bedroom, as well as a gravity-defying kitchen table, fully set for dinner.

-Hell Garden: Tourists get a taste of hell at Wang Saen Suk in Thailand, outside of Bangkok. Hell Garden features garish sculptures that depict the horrible afterlife awaiting sinners. Angry and often bloody, life-sized human statues mix with contorted demons and animals in a garden that isn’t quite meant for relaxation.

-Giant Lobster: The biggest lobsters aren’t necessarily from Maine. A 56-foot-tall lobster in Kingston SE, in South Australia, delights fans of giant animal sculptures. The 4-ton steel and fiberglass structure, nicknamed Larry, was built in 1979 to promote the region’s seafood. The base features a restaurant and gift shop.

-Ramen Museums: The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka, Japan, along with a sister museum in Yokohama, devote themselves to instant noodles. Guests at both venues learn all about the history of this inexpensive and versatile food and can put together unusual flavorings.

-Phallus Museum: The Icelandic Phallological Museum in Reykjavík, Iceland, boasts a collection of more than 215 phallic specimens, representing almost every mammal in the European country. You don’t have to be a member in order to examine the jarred whale, polar bear, seal and walrus penises on display at this unusual museum.