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This Month’s Reads: Planning for Medical Meetings

Every industry has its own cultural norms and professional values that are expected to be reflected at a company’s event. This month, Ms. B found literature focused on medical meetings giving insight to meeting professionals on how to understand a specific industry’s behavior and expectations and provides strategies on how to manifest that understanding into creating a meaningful and memorable event. The medical industry is a significant contributor to the meetings industry and learning from experienced authors about its events is beneficial to any meeting professional.

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How to Plan Medical Meetings and Events

blue book—co-authored by Meetings & Incentives Worldwide, Inc. (M&IW) and Pat Schaumann, CMP, CSEP, DMCP, HMCC

Released in Summer, 2023, “How to Plan Medical Meetings and Events” is a great read for any planner, not just those who have found interest and/or success in medical meetings. The book references strategies and practices that can be applied by meeting professionals when planning events for any specific industry. The focus is on understanding the client and the client’s attendees and what they are expecting from an event in their professional field.

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A Sneak Peek   

“…all medical meetings, from the largest congress to the smallest advisory board, are designed to share information. It can be one-way (speaker(s) to attendee messaging) or two-way (speaker(s) to attendee exchange). Knowing the type and scope of communication in an event can answer a lot of logistical questions and help confirm assumptions instead of asking baseline questions.”

Presenting at Medical Meetings

– Jim A. Reekers

light red bookAs meeting professionals are sifting through speakers to present at medical meetings, they want to vet the speakers based on a specific criteria to pick the best lineup for their event.

This book not only guides meeting profs to what they should look for in a speaker but also guides event speakers on how to present at medical meetings.

Planning and Promoting Events in Health Sciences Libraries: Success Stories and Best Practices

– Shalu Gillum, Natasha Williams

red bookLibrary events are a perfect venue for promoting academic and medical events.

This book focuses on how meeting professionals can utilize libraries to promote medical events and how to approach the medical librarians on how to program and plan the medical event.

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