One of the most practical new products on display at HD Expo in Las Vegas in May was a line of automated minibars that monitor guest consumption. More than just in-room refrigeration, these minibars are going high-tech and can be fully equipped turnkey profit centers. Using wireless, fully automated technology, the HiPromatic minibar counts what guests consume and tracks product movement. Detailed minibar reports optimize the restocking process for hotels. Ambient shelves are an option for unrefrigerated products such as red wine, chips or snacks.

Dometic Group, which has 40 years of experience in lodging, engineered its latest minibar specifically to save hotels time and money. HiPromatic reduces the need for minibar attendants to visit all rooms every day to check on guests’ consumption. This enables staff to be more productive, and it helps reduce losses for hotels. Wireless billing is another cool feature that saves time and money.

Besides automated guest relations, HiPromatic enhances company reports by monitoring product menus, inventory and even product expiration dates. Reports can be sent to hotel decision-makers at pre-set times. The minibar’s wireless network functions independently of the hotel Wi-Fi, so downtime is never an issue.

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