Every blank space is a branding opportunity. Walk onto any trade show floor and you’ll see all booths taking advantage of this fact. In an environment where hundreds of brands are fighting for attention, how does one stand out from the rest?

That’s the question nearly every company asks itself when gearing up for the next trade show or event. Enter digital dye-sublimation printed carpets. These digitally printed carpets are being rolled out in convention centers, universities, retail spaces and corporate offices, giving marketing professionals the opportunity to get creative with their messaging. A California museum uses carpet to display earthquake fault lines, and the University of Connecticut locker room features an inlay carpet depicting the Huskies’ mascot.

“Customers interact with your visual brand—your logo, your message, your mascot—because in this novel format, it draws the eye in; they walk over it and they touch it,” says Ilene Haber, creative director of Marketing Project. “The surface becomes an event in itself.”

What’s appealing to advertisers is the flexibility digital dye-sublimation printed carpets offer. Whether permanent carpet or temporary, and no matter the size, companies such as Enhance a Colour can produce crisp, vibrant logos and messaging to meet each brand’s needs.

“If a designer can create an image on the computer screen, we can create and color-match it perfectly in a variety of carpet grades,” says Jim O’Connor, CEO of Enhance a Colour. The company uses custom machinery that transfers colors into the carpet’s fibers using extreme heat and pressure to create a color-fast product that won’t fade after washing or heavy traffic.

Turning carpet to canvas is a viable option for companies looking to stand out, so the next time you’re at an event, watch your step!