Blue Jeans, Gum, Shaving Brushes Among Banned Items

Before traveling to other countries, many of us check to see what items are prohibited. Usually, it’s readily apparent why these items aren’t allowed, but occasionally we’re left scratching our heads. Here are a few surprising items that are banned in certain countries.

Baby walkers (Canada)

Canadian health scientists found they could cause head injuries, broken bones and even death.

French cheese (Russia)

It was banned—along with other products from the United States, European Union and other Western countries—in 2014 in response to sanctions placed on Russia during the Ukraine crisis.

Gum (Singapore)

Actually, it’s not illegal to have it, but its sale and importation was outlawed in 1992.

Vicks Inhalers (Japan)

The country’s drug laws prohibit over-the-counter medications containing pseudoephedrine, due to potentially dangerous side effects.

Masquerade masks (Saudi Arabia)

A ban on the import and sale of Guy Fawkes masks from the movie, V for Vendetta, began in 2013 because they allegedly instilled a culture of violence. Today, no masquerade masks are allowed in Saudi Arabia.

Japanese shaving brushes (Saint Lucia)

They still can’t be imported or exported because of incidents involving anthrax on them—and subsequent health problems—in the early 1900s.

Blue jeans (North Korea)

They’re considered a symbol of the United States.


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