It’s about to get easier to make your meetings greener. The Green Meeting Industry Council announced today that they are partnering with QuickMobile, the global leader in mobile enterprise meeting and event apps, to provide the mobile event app for GMIC’s annual Sustainable Meetings Conference.

Building on the partnership between QuickMobile and announced earlier this year, the app will have a wide range of features that will give conference attendees easy access to the entirety of the conference program and agenda, educational materials, an attendee list, integrated social media access and more.

An in-app game will allow users to earn points in a variety of ways during the three-day event. Posting to social media channels through the app, visiting exhibits and sponsors and answering trivia questions will award points, and the user who racks up the most points throughout the conference will receive free registration for the event in 2016.

A live Q&A section of the app will let users pose questions to speakers, presenters and conference organizers, all in real time.

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“For the past five conferences, we have seen the benefits of a mobile event app, and our members have fully embraced the technology,” said Connie Bergeron, CMP, 2014-2015 President for Green Meeting Industry Council.

The Sustainable Meetings Conference app is the first part of a larger mobile membership app that GMIC plans to launch later this year. “We are working with QuickMobile to create an app that carries the conference message and discussions beyond the three-day event, allowing us to promote future educational opportunities, webinars, chapter programs, affiliate events, as well as share news, education briefs and other materials and activities that will help to engage and strengthen our membership base throughout the year,” says Bergeron.

The app is available for download from the iTunes and Google Play stores.