Congratulations to Smart Women Everywhere

What better way to celebrate the transformational work female event professionals do every day than to bring them together for an educational and inspirational summit in Las Vegas? Smart Meetings did just this at Planet Hollywood in a day devoted to learning about new ways to communicate, connect and care for themselves and others. 

Perspective Matters 

Conflict resolution coach Amilya Antonetti started off the Smart Woman Summit by sharing tools that attendees could use to communicate with those who process information differently. In a world made up of visual, auditory and kinesthetic processors, being able to understand how other people are motivated and operate can help guide how you leverage their unique abilities.

“We are all wired differently, but if we understand each person’s strengths, we can more effectively work with them,” she said, explaining the results of her Holistic Intelligence Quotient (H.I.Q.).

All Well

To be effective over time, you also have understand what your body is telling you. Dr. Rachel Abrams (“Doctor Rachel) explained that you have to be in balance with yourself, nature and others.

“Being in the right relationship with yourself can make you healthier, more successful and more relaxed,” she said. Living in your whole body—not just from the neck up—will allow you to have more joy, intuition and resiliency.

Shared Learning

In a room filled with women performing at the top of the events industry, it only made sense to give them space to learn from each other. Haute Dokimazo, a group that facilitates spontaneous think tanks—crowdsourced breakouts voted on through sticky notes—led discussions on everything from sustainable meetings to mentoring and prospecting.

Celebrate Women

After an empowering day of learning, the networking moved to Paris Las Vegas, where the Smart Women in Meetings winners were feted in a glittering awards gala. Then Smart Meetings founder Marin Bright challenged these accomplished leaders to go out into the world arm-in-arm to be change-agents for good with this quote:

“Many of the attendees had already expressed their commitment to level-up by putting their goals in writing on an intention tree. Powerful examples included: “Be relentless in pursuit of my goals,” “Be a positive influence and never stop learning” and “Reignite the humanity in events.”


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