We love clever advertising campaigns, especially travel ad campaigns that shine a light on the meetings and events industry.

This week, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) released the third video in its “Unconventional” series of promotional media. “Unconventional” aims to welcome conventions of all shapes, sizes and interests to Las Vegas by highlighting unique industries that help redefine the perception and standards of traditional conferences.

The latest video tracks one company’s trip from Australia to Las Vegas with the hopes of launching its product at CES in January. The product will assist visually impaired people around the world.

More than 170,000 scientists, visionaries, inventors, engineers and brilliant minds took over Las Vegas Jan. 6-9 for the annual CES convention. Attendees ranged from self-proclaimed scientists to those looking for a lucky business break, but the small start-up team from Aipoly of Australia came with ambitions to change the world.

The video series can be found at viva.lasvegas.com as well as on the Las Vegas YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Two previous videos were released, including “Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix,” which has nearly 57,000 views, and “RollerCon,” which received more than 67,000 views.

Travel Ad Campaigns

Just this week, Texas Tourism launched a new advertising campaign, with the theme of “Texas. It’s Like A Whole Other Country.” The campaign is being rolled out across national television, print and digital media. The campaign transitions the traveler from the big picture to a more in-depth, focus on the unique individual experiences waiting to be discovered.

Three television ads are focusing on family fun, cuisine and traveling like a local. Print ads call attention to the state’s beaches, cuisine, outdoors, Western cultural, music and shopping.

“We are excited to showcase the many unique aspects of Texas through our new campaign,” said Brad Smyth, Tourism Director for Texas Tourism. “Texas is a diverse destination, and the goal of our new creative is to showcase that diversity and immerse prospective travelers in the sights, sounds and flavors they will experience during a trip to our state.”

The Politics of Advertising

Hotels.com is taking advantage of the 2016 presidential campaigns to unveil its new travel ad campaign. The booking agency will be featuring a real person—Captain Obvious—who will be physically running across the United States to prove that he is fitter than other candidates.

Beginning with a national TV commercial airing tonight, Captain Obvious will spend the next several months running across the nation training and monitoring the pulse of the country – and his own pulse. Throughout the race, he will be promoting Hotels.com because it’s simple to book a room, and because he really needs a place to sleep at night.

Hotels.com is using its campaign to call attention to how candidates (and ordinary travelers) can save money using its services. Hotels. com estimates that each presidential candidate spends more than $405,000 on hotels during the primaries and caucuses in 2016. The campaign points out that if they were Hotels.com Rewards members, they’d save more than $40,000 because for every 10 nights you book and stay, you get one free.

To follow Captain Obvious’ race for presidency, use @CaptainObvious or the hashtag #ObviousPresident on Twitter. At CaptainObviousRunsForPresident.com, you can see the latest TV commercials and watch 51 video messages from Captain Obvious from all 50 states and Washington D.C.

Hope you enjoy these travel ad campaigns. They’re inspiring, creative and pro-travel.