Your attendees want to feel special, and an easy way to make that happen is through personalized experiences. No one wants to stay in a hotel thinking that they are just one of hundreds of guests filtered through the property. It is no wonder that little touches such as pillow mints or a welcome drink make such an impression; they make guests feel special. Many hotels are taking advantage of the age of information and using data to offer packages that are truly personalized to a group or individual to make guests feel more noteworthy than ever. Here are a few of the best personalized hotel packages for groups that will make your attendees feel like the VIPs they are at heart.

Las Ventanas al Paraiso, A Rosewood Resort

This luxury resort in Los Cabos is elevating its’ customer experience through their newly launched “Stay Your Way” program. The experience begins with an online survey to be completed prior to your visit that allows staff to create a personalized itinerary for guests based on their stated preferences.

Virgin Hotels

‘The Know’ Program is Virgin Hotel’s way of making customers feel special. Large, chain hotels are often accused of feeling impersonal, so programs such as these are especially important at chains. The Know program is described by Virgin as a “membership without dues.” It allows guests to input personal preferences such as what they want in their mini bar, a request for extra pillows or even a request for a Spiderman chamber takeover (it has happened and there were spider-webs). Additionally, guests receive discounts and are eligible for room upgrades.

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Marriott International

Marriott International has recognized the importance of personalization for years, although they take a different approach than other chain brand hotels. Marriott’s M Live is a unique program where members of staff in M Live Studio’s constantly watch social media streams and react to them IRL (in real life). This could mean sending a bottle of champagne to a couple after they posted a picture, tagging a Marriott location, of their engagement (this is done using geolocation at Marriott properties that allow M Live Studios to view posts made on-site by guests). Alternatively, M Live will track local and global trends and events like Carnival in Brazil or #GrilledCheeseDay on the internet and give guests advice or treats that are specialized to these events and trends.


Hilton is taking advantage of technology and has launched a number of ‘Connected Rooms’ across their properties. Connected Rooms allow guests to control everything from their room temperature to Netflix to dinner reservations right from their mobile or device. Guests can access their pre-saved ‘favorites’ list of channels right on the TV in their room through the program. This ease and personalization is perfect for the busy business traveler who, regardless of where in the world they are, just want to watch some ‘Friends’ at the end of a long work day.

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Delta Airlines (more than just hotels!)

“Corporate customers aren’t one-size-fits-all, so their experience with Delta shouldn’t be, either.” This is how an article about Delta’s features (on the Delta News Hub) that allow corporate customers to personalize and stay up to date on their benefits begins. The perks that corporate travelers get include: personalized welcome messages ad information for connections etc., one-on-one consultations with corporate travel managers and organized reporting metrics for companies that provide reports on specified routes for customers.