California’s Most Insta-Worthy Locations

Social media’s presence grows by the day, and Instagram has become most notable for its destination pictures, thereby increasing the popularity of several locations.

Many users post destination photos with hashtags stating the name of the location. This gives users a chance to influence people inside and outside their social media bubble into planning their next trip to that location. PlayPicks created a list of the 20 most “instagrammable” locations in the United States.

California has the most picture-perfect locations of any state on PlayPicks’ list, totaling a whopping 11 sites.

No. 1 Disneyland

The happiest place on earth has a new name now: the most instragrammable place in America! Every corner of the park is suitable for a picture, so it’s easy to take your fill of jealousy-inducing photos.

Posts shared: 19,783,733

No. 5 Long Beach

The Southern California beach city is a mellow but tantalizing destination to catch that perfect sunset photo. Home to The Queen Mary and Aquarium of the Pacific, and considered one of the most walkable cities in America, Long Beach is sure to add flair to your Instagram feed.

Posts shared: 4,551,339

No. 6 Coachella

A city that shares its name with one of the most popular music festivals in the world, Coachella brings life to the deserts of the Inland Empire. Instagram users are given the chance to showcase their inner fashionistas set in a SoCal oasis.

Posts shared: 4,061,540

No. 7 Santa Cruz Beach

This beach has so much to offer that it is nearly impossible to enjoy all of it in one day. From thrill rides to summer concerts, to delicious healthy and fried food, users have an array of props to give their followers a case of FOMO.

Posts shared: 3,597,629

No. 9 Venice Beach

It’s the place to show off that summer (or winter) body. With people working out all over the beach, a 1,300-foot pier and several beachside restaurants, you’ll be itching to post that quintessential beach photo.

Posts shared: 3,186,917

No. 12 Santa Barbara Beach

The cozy beach city of Santa Barbara is the perfect place to escape with a significant other or to party with college locals. No matter what you decide to do, you have the opportunity for a perfect beach-cruiser picture with your babe or one that shows it takes more than beer to slow you down.

Posts shared: 2,642,067

No. 14 Yosemite

Yosemite is one of many mesmerizing parks found in the Golden State. It offers so much nature and wildlife that you might be able to use your Instagram account as a portfolio for National Geographic.

Posts shared: 2,310,940

No. 15 Golden Gate Bridge

Visitors are sure get a lens full at this historic, reddish-orange landmark. Trails winding to and from the bridge will give you chance to catch a flawless snapshot of it as well as the bay and horizon.

Posts shared: 2,253,270

No. 17 Newport Beach

Unlike the other beaches on this list, Newport Beach relies more on its natural beauty than man-made attractions. Hills filled with lush greenery run straight into the sandy coast, giving you the opportunity to show your followers that opposites do attract.

Posts shared: 2,198,907

No. 18 Huntington Beach

The possibilities are endless at this bustling beach city. A bumping nightlife, majestic whales, endless surfing and deep-sea fishing will give you the best hash-taggable moment for your Instagram.

Posts shared: 2,168,437

No. 20 Laguna Beach

Featuring some of the clearest water on the California coast, Laguna Beach and its boutique-filled downtown are sure to keep your camera’s shutter from stopping. The warm sand, lavish plant life and inviting water ensure that you have everything you need for a breathtaking tropical photo.

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