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Aren’t you always looking for an activity that’s engaging and fun that your group has never heard of before? Well, do you know about Yoga & Beer? It’s an Oregon-based yoga community (with chapters in eight cities) that comes together several times a month to celebrate its love for yoga and equal appreciation for local, craft beers. The yoga studio is a brewery. Post-class refreshment is…well, take a guess.

It makes sense, in a weird way, that this is a concept born of the Pacific Northwest, which values well-being and craft brew in equal measure.

In fact, the beer yogis recently completed their second annual, five day, four night Yoga + Beer Retreat in beer-loving Bend, Oregon. You can look it up on their bubbly website, cheersandnamaste.com.

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They called it a detox plus retox vacation. It included two yoga classes a day, outdoor adventures and brewery tours. All levels of yoga practice and beer-tasting welcome.

The 2018 retreat is next August 15-19, in Bend again. But why wait? Find your own beer-lovin’ yogi, and build this into your next group meeting.

Or consider these variations:

Yoga & Strawberry Margaritas

Yoga & Banana Splits

Yoga & Potato Chips

Namaste! Urp!