Great Escape Quad at Schweitzer Mountain Resort

The vistas in Big Sky Country seem to roll on forever. Stark cliffs, canyons, sky-piercing mountains, rolling hills and grassy prairies are punctuated by cold rushing rivers, mountain streams and creeks, and blanketed by a huge blue sky. This panoramic landscape offers a dramatic vastness, along with a great variety of adventures that will get your group outside and into the true element of Big Sky Country.

Because of the diverse landscape features, along with a climate that offers both warm-weather and winter-time pleasures, there may be more outdoor adventures available than your attendees could experience during a meeting that lasted a full year. These adventures offer wonderful opportunities to cement attendees’ teamwork and camaraderie, and observe natural wonders that will be etched into their memories for the rest of their lives.

Here’s a small sample of exciting adventures available in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

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