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crisis management plan

7 Tips for a Successful Crisis Management Meeting

Crisis management: nobody wants it, but everyone needs it. Business owners must budget for risk management even when there is no sign of trouble ahead. Planning for hypothetical events understandably seems like a waste of resources. But, like a life insurance policy, not having one is far more costly.

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Data Visualization for Smart Event Professionals

Data visualization’s purpose is to find the truths that lead to action. Luckily, with affordable tools available to event professionals today, you no longer need to employ an analyst and a graphic designer to include data visualization into your business presentation repertoire.

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How to Avoid Tech Wreck

Tech wreck. Otherwise known as online addiction. Can we agree it’s a problem? Good. That’s the first step toward a better tomorrow. When it comes to smartphones, some 75 percent of Americans think the devices don’t affect their ability to pay attention in a group setting, according to Pew Research Center.

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7 Ways to Make Your Newsletter a Must-Read

When people check their emails, they are on high alert for responses they’ve been anticipating and skim through anything that’s relevant—including newsletters. It’s easy to say, “I’ll come back to that,” and then leave an email to collect dust in their inbox. So, how do you make your newsletter stand out from the rest?

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How to Plan Truly “Inspired” Experiences

Smart Meetings asked for tips on designing transformational moments from Andrew Webb, a partner at Inspired Learning Group, an organization dedicated to creating turnkey experiences that can lead to improved productivity, creativity and engagement for participants.

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