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How to Be Exceptional

If setbacks are the springboard to success, meeting professionals are poised to win the gold. Annie Meehan, author of Be the Exception: Your 7 Steps to Transformation, has lived a challenging life and still found much to be grateful for. We asked her to share her secrets to recovery.


How to Write a Perfect Invitation Email for Your Virtual Event

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Reinventing Live: A To-do List for CEOs

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8 Ways to Measure Virtual Event Performance and ROI


What Meeting Profs Get Wrong About DEI—and How to Start Fixing It

covid brain

How to Overcome Covid Brain

After more than a year of being told that being around other people could literally kill you, feeling comfortable in a ballroom of strangers will not be as easy as flipping a switch. Read on for tips on curing Covid brain and calming yourself, your team and your attendees’ meeting jitters.