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Mach 3 Flight Simulator IMBT World 2018

IBTM World 2018 Puts New Tech Center Stage

Modern technology, such as virtual reality, is changing the meetings and events industry in ways that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago. The team at Reed Travel Exhibitions and IBTM is embracing it wholeheartedly, introducing a new, interactive Exploratory Zone in the center of the IBTM World 2018 conference, set for Nov….

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trends impacting the hospitality industry

Top 10 Trends Impacting the Hospitality Industry

Editor’s note: We wrote the following story in July 2015 and it has been one of your favorites ever since so we thought we would go back and let you know what has changed. The updates are highlighted below, and a few of the findings ended up surprising even us. The Hotel Show, which stages…

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2018 Travel Trends and Tips Revealed

Event professionals are the elite forces of the road-warrior class. They jet from conference center to resort, executive retreat to office, performing advance reconnaissance, erecting trade-show camps where only concrete lay before, and generally bringing people together to solve problems and do business. As frequent—and valuable—as this travel can be, it comes with challenges. We asked Smart Meetings readers to share their secrets for hitting the ground running.

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