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Meeting Trends that Have Shaped the Last Decade

From today’s high-tech capabilities and mindfulness practices to more experiential and cultural influences, we are working in a really exciting time where we have more access than ever to technology, unique activities, and authentic experiences that can provide an unforgettable event for attendees.

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Career Resource Guide

Here’s to all the early risers, late-night typers, plane catchers and meeting makers. We see you. The meetings industry pumps more money into the U.S. economy than almost any other sector, generating $845 billion in economic impact in 2016 alone.

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Celebrate 2018’s Planners of the Year

Event planners make the world go ‘round. Their strategic and operational skills keep the plates spinning, businesses booming and employees motivated. Too often, however, they are behind the scenes—working their magic with RFPs, checklists and KPIs while others take the spotlight.

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