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The #Eventprof Cycle

The more work that goes into planning a meeting or event, the more rewarding the finished product. There’s not much time to bask in the glory though. It often seems like a brand new project is always waiting, thus re-surging the craziness. Here’s what the average #eventprof experiences in the process.

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Designing the Well Meeting

 Recently, the high priests and priestesses of wellness gathered for their annual get-together. These are the visionaries and leaders of the global wellness industry, those who pioneer and advocate wellness practices and treatments. But this year, the “delegates” at this invitation-only event were also wellness guinea pigs. They may not have been aware of it, but they were the first attendees at a large event to be touched by a process called “purposeful design.”

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7 Ways to Stay Flu-free on Airplanes

Another reason to be thankful: You haven’t come down with the flu. Yet. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) fudges when asked how bad this year’s flu season will be. “It’s not possible to predict,” admits CDC’s website. CDC strongly recommends getting a flu shot, but we all know that doesn’t always guarantee absolute flu protection….

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group dancing

The Best New Group Activity Ever?

Photo credit: Paula Lobo/The Metropolitan Museum of Art Watch for this at a museum or other hallowed cultural landmark near you. Because this is one of those ideas your groups will be clamoring for soon. At Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City’s High Temple of Culture, a pair of lithe ladies in sparkly cocktail…

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Flying Well

A good flight begins with a healthy you My younger brother had open-heart surgery. It came as a complete surprise. Not long ago, he collapsed on his daily, 5-mile walk in his Maryland neighborhood and was turning blue when the EMS crew arrived at the scene. When he awoke, he was in the hospital. The…

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Banish the Afternoon Slump

6 easy ways to stay on top of your game all day In the gung-ho world of American business, we scoff at siestas. But that Latin tradition is an important one, according to many medical experts, because our bodies have evolved to crave afternoon naps. “A major reason for this is that human beings are…

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Benefits of Salt

Salt is Healthy for You

Who knew? Only halotherapists, for centuries The scolds of medical science are forever warning us off salt. As in their dire equation, too much salt equals high blood pressure equals heart attack. But did you know salt has been used for millennia to promote health? In fact, there’s even a name for this. It’s called…

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