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7 Tips for Taking Time Away from Busyness

Why you need to consistently reboot, unplug and regenerate Boy, have we gotten busy. Our reasons for being “on” most of the time might include economic pressure, a need to stay connected socially, or even having a creative idea that just has to be shared with as many people as possible. Fair enough. These are…

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Wellness in Meetings: Interest Outpaces Implementation

Incorporating wellness practices into our dietary, professional and recreational routines sounds like a great idea. But when the time comes to follow through, it can be tough to swap Sunday morning waffles for a green smoothie, or trade a mindless tv show for a meditation session. A similar disconnect exists in the meetings industry, according…

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Healthy travel

10 Proven Tips for Healthy Spring Travel

Spring has officially arrived! For airports this means a large influx of travelers and families enjoying spring break. Unfortunately, the warmer weather and increased volume of travelers can also mean more chances to catch a bug. Whether your travel plans involve a sandy beach or snowy oasis, it’s always important to come prepared. Experienced travelers…

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Top 10 Happiest, Healthiest U.S. Communities to Meet In

As mental and physical fitness become more important to Americans, those preferences are seen in the meetings industry, as well. Incorporating health and wellness into the agenda has never been more important for meeting planners. So if you want happy, healthy attendees, it may help to choose a destination known for those qualities. The Gallup-Healthways…

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flu season travel

4 Ways to Stay Healthy During Flu Season Travel

As U.S. residents await the beginning of daylight saving time on March 12, longer days, warmer weather and bursting blooms are top of mind. But winter isn’t over, and neither is flu season. Though these facts may seem disappointing, they provide an important reminder—especially for anyone taking to the air for spring break, off-season trips…

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Hotel gym

Who Works Out in the Hotel Gym, and Who Doesn’t

Most business travelers think about hitting the hotel gym, but a new American Express-GBTA Business Travel Sentiment report shows which travelers actually do. The winning group? Millennials. Among business travelers who work out regularly at home, millennials were the most committed to maintaining their fitness, according to the survey. Forty-six percent of millennials—representing travelers 18…

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4 Tricks to Eating Healthy on Business Trips

Planners know well how difficult adhering to a healthy diet can be on the road. Business trips often involve a demanding schedule in an unfamiliar environment, bringing people out of their normal routines. But instead of completely abandoning healthy eating habits, new practices can be formed. Here are some innovative tricks for eating healthy on…

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Meet Mindfully

Meetings industry takes a look within and discovers a centered place One breath in and one breath out—it’s a simple concept. But if we take a moment to think about it, at least a thousand different thoughts come between our awareness of the constant flow of breathing that our bodies naturally carry out. No matter…

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4 Strategies for Handling Dietary Restrictions at Events

It’d be so much easier if we all ate the same things—but we don’t.  There are over 100 food allergies and countless diet trends that planners might have to account for at an event. If handled incorrectly, it could severely impact your budget. It’s enough to make event planners want to pull their hair out….

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Color, Culture and Comfort Food Power F&B Trends for 2017

Each year a new crop of buzzy ingredients and culinary novelties lands on food and beverage menus to tempt diners eager to try the hippest new dishes and drinks. According to Intercontinental Hotels Group, these trends are poised for a popularity spike in 2017. Dark Arts The well-worn fashion maxim “Black goes with everything” also…

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