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Benefits of Salt

Salt is Healthy for You

Who knew? Only halotherapists, for centuries The scolds of medical science are forever warning us off salt. As in their dire equation, too much salt equals high blood pressure equals heart attack. But did you know salt has been used for millennia to promote health? In fact, there’s even a name for this. It’s called…

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Deepak Chopra’s Message for Event Planners: Go Outdoors

When health and wellness expert Dr. Deepak Chopra addressed the opening session at Meeting Planners International World Education Congress (WEC) in Las Vegas in June, he offered a list of things that influence the activity of the genes to create health. In addition to staples such as sleep, meditation, exercise and eating right, he suggests…

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Health-Care Event Planners Adapt to a Shifting Landscape

As she presented a session at the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) most recent World Education Congress, titled “The Future of Healthcare Meetings,” Pat Schaumann made a telling comment. “There is really no way to predict the future beyond trying to extrapolate on present trends—regulations or technology or some other element could be completely different in…

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What Are You Doing on Global Wellness Day?

This year’s Global Wellness Day is June 10, and its organizers suggest we should all ask—even if for only one day—how we can live a healthier and better life. With an official slogan of “One day can change your whole life,” other aims are: To recognize the value of our lives To be free from…

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Westin Hotels & Resorts Outfit Runners for Global Running Day

Safety first! Westin Hotels & Resorts is catering to an emerging niche group of early risers who pound the pavement before the crack of dawn. For the entire month of June—which includes Global Running Day on June 7—the hotel brand is including reflective wristbands and light-up sneaker clips in its Gear Lending program, which loans…

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Tips for Using Color to Promote Attendee Well-Being

Pity the poor creatures whose eyes see only black and white. Color has a constant impact on us. The golden grandeur of sunset. The reassuring green of a traffic light. The brown vivacity of a lover’s eyes. But what is color, anyway? You might think of it as a fixed attribute, a simple fact. As…

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brain food

Serve Brain Food at Your Next Event

When the afternoon hits and we reach for that third, nay fourth cup of coffee, it’s easy to overlook the full impact of the foods we choose. But being selective about what we consume is crucial because as the saying goes, you are what you eat. At a meeting or an event, sluggish attendees won’t…

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7 Great Perks of Being an Eventprof

Too often we fail to acknowledge all of the blessings in our lives. Whether it’s a challenging work week, unsolvable problem or hostile encounter, many things can provoke a negative spiral.  It can be challenging for those in the meeting planning profession, but looking on the bright side really does pay off. Optimism has been…

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Event Planning Inspiration from Coachella 2017

Coachella is arguably the queen of music festivals. Each year, around 126,000 people (per weekend) unite in the desert of Indio, California, to enjoy performances by the  trending musicians. Now in its 18th year, the 3-day, 2-weekend festival is a dynamic experience which has grown to be much more than just a few concerts. Coachella…

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walking meeting

How to Plan Your Walking Meeting

Thinking, talking and walking are all naturally linked, so engaging in this trio at work is a great idea. Aristotle, Kant, Wordsworth, Steve Jobs and more figures have famously endorsed the benefits of walking. Considering that much of the average workday is spent glued to a computer screen, walking meetings may be more beneficial than…

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