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Using Vacation Days

Could Drinking Less Coffee Make You More Alert?

Do you have a hard time waking up in the morning without a lot of coffee? And do you find yourself reaching for even more caffeine to ward off the invariable mid-afternoon slump? For the most effective form and dose of caffeine to help maintain optimal productivity, read on.

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CSR and wellness

Plogging: A New Trend Combining CSR and Wellness

A good run can often be interrupted by an unsightly confetti trail of litter. Luckily, fitness fanatics in Scandinavia contrived a solution to help do their part. They’ve invented “plogging,” or picking up trash while jogging. The phrase is a mash-up of jogging and the Swedish phrase “plocka upp,” which means pick up.

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Hotels Fight Sleep Deprivations with Creative Solutions

Sleep is no laughing matter. Lack of zzzs has been linked to everything from increased blood pressure and heart disease to obesity, diabetes and depression. Sleep deprivation also makes it difficult to participate fully at conferences, and even harder to remember what you learned.

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Tried Forest Bathing Yet?

 The average American spends 93 percent of his or her time indoors (or inside a vehicle). How’s that working out for you? Slumped on the couch, do you feel blissfully relaxed while staring at your device or plasma-screen TV? Tweets are meant to disrupt, and even the cooking channels hype us up with tension-racked competitions. There has to be a better way to unwind, and, of course, there is. It’s nothing new, yet in our over-stimulated, over-stressed world, it’s easily neglected.

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