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The Dirtiest Place on an Airplane has dug up the dirt on the dirtiest place on an airplane, uncovering some surprises. While the common supposition is that the most germs lurk in the toilet, a microbiologist found that the dirtiest place on an airplane is actually the tray table. Travelmath had a microbiologist take samples from four airplanes and five airports, and…

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Health & Wellness: Stress is a Heavy Topic

Strategies to understand the causes and our reactions Stress can contribute to aging, weight gain, illness and disease. In other words, stress makes us sick, fat, old and exhausted. Have you noticed that whenever you stress about the venue where you’re hosting that all-important fundraising gala or whether you picked the right caterer, you’re prone…

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Secrets to a Relaxing Summer Vacation

6 Secrets to a Relaxing Summer Vacation

The season for summertime vacation and relaxation is finally here. But let’s face it. Not everyone comes back feeling well-rested and ready to return to work. Did you fly home from paradise late Sunday night, only to have to arrive at the office early Monday morning? Were you unable to disconnect from your mobile devices…

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Riding High on the Uncompahgre Plateau

A horseback ride through the Uncompahgre Plateau sounds like something you might see in a John Wayne or Gary Cooper movie. But there I was, ready for the adventure atop my yet-to-be-trusted horse, Tipi. It was part of a four-day media trip that I participated in a few days ago to Gateway Canyons Resort &…

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westin holistic approach expands

Industry Watch: Get Well Soon

Westin Holistic Approach Expands to Wellness Westin Hotel & Resorts wants guests to leave feeling better than when they arrived. In 2014, it introduced the Westin Well-Being Movement, a variety of wellness initiatives designed to enhance the health and well-being of customers. Now the brand is taking it a step further with Westin Wellness Escapes,…

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2015 Food & Beverage Trends

Spice up your next meeting or conference event with these fresh takes on food and beverages.  This list includes sure-fire trends that are expected to take hold this year. See what the hottest menu selections are and what professional chefs are serving up in their kitchens.  Read the source article at

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Westin Hotels & Resorts Launches Food Discovery Experience

Discover Italy’s most exquisite and authentic food in Venice, Florence, Rome and Milan with Westin Hotels & Resorts latest offering, Personal Food Shopper, an experience that introduces guest to local food shops and tours unique gastronomic boutiques with high quality food products. Visit traditional markets, historical shops and gourmet bistros. Read the source article at…

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