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Unconventional F&B Trends to Put on Your Radar

Now that we’re already into January, meeting and event planners are pretty much expected to be familiar with wild refreshments. But if you’re a tad late, don’t sweat it. We’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest unconventional F&B trends. Present some of these in the near future for a guaranteed image boost.

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6 Things Planners Can Learn from Awards Season

The red carpet rolled out at the top of the New Year on Jan. 2 at the Palm Springs International Film Festival (PSIFF) Film Awards Gala. Five days later, The Golden Globe Awards followed in Beverly Hills, California, and the ceremonies will keep on coming, leaving event planners and hotels mighty busy straight out of the gate.

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4 Hotels with Rooms and a Brew

According to the Brewers Association, U.S. craft beer makers in 2016 topped 5,000 for the first time, at 5,234, and saw $23.5 billion slid across the bar. So, perhaps it was inevitable that hotels—ever eager to differentiate themselves and provide unforgettable experiences—have edged from merely serving local beers to brewing them.

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Wall-to-Table Dining

“The 2020s will be the decade of the Vertical Agriculture Revolution,” proclaims futurist Ray Kurzweil, who’s also director of engineering at Google. He’s referring to veggies and herbs grown sustainably indoors without dirt, using hydroponic (plants rooted in nutrient-rich liquid) or aeroponic (no growing medium) technology and often arrayed as a living wall.

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Top Hospitality Event Trends in 2017

From create your own poke bowl stations to event app polls, 2017 was the year we stopped telling people what to do and let them decide for themselves how they wanted to learn, participate and eat. Smart Meetings has been reporting on these changes all year, and following are the trends that stand out to our editors.

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The Cat’s Hat is Delish

Las Vegas loves its aging celebrities. Billboards and LED displays all over The Strip hype shows by stars who you’ll never see on Saturday Night Live anymore but who live on in this desert oasis. Some of them don’t even have a pulse anymore – but are honored nightly by outrageous impersonators in glitter and gowns.

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Expert Tips on Popping a Wine Cork for Team-building

Wine Militia Looking to put the “fun” back in “function”? Wine-themed team-building can add a refined, celebratory feel to any event. The team enjoys sampling wines, and the experience is made all the better by learning a thing or two. However, it is important to keep meeting goals front-and-center. We asked experts for tips on…

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