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wine cork

Expert Tips on Popping a Wine Cork for Team-building

Wine Militia Looking to put the “fun” back in “function”? Wine-themed team-building can add a refined, celebratory feel to any event. The team enjoys sampling wines, and the experience is made all the better by learning a thing or two. However, it is important to keep meeting goals front-and-center. We asked experts for tips on…

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Las Vegas’ Decadent, Delicious Desserts

Las Vegas does nothing in small measure. Six of the world’s largest hotels are in Las Vegas, for instance. MGM Grand (6,772 guest rooms) is the biggest hotel in all of America. As a Fodor’s travel guide put it, “Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, where sleep is a mere inconvenience interrupting…

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9 Culture Sandwiches for Your Meeting or Event

National Sandwich Day on Friday, November 3, is a great day to celebrate the grab-and-go lunch staple that appears at many event mid-day meals. The convenient treat dates back to 18th century England when John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, enjoyed putting beef between a few slices of bread while playing cards with his…

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olive oil

5 Essential Olive Oil Tastings and Tours You Must Visit

Forget wine; it’s olive oil season. Olive oil tasting is the inclusive way to bring a group together for an unusual and educational culinary adventure. Even those who do not drink alcohol can enjoy learning the subtle differences in types, processes and uses while learning more about each other. Here are 5 places across the…

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Signature Cheers!

Nothing says welcome quite like a beverage. Over the centuries, that ahhh-some refreshment has often been alcoholic (water and water storage being suspect). Resorts in the Caribbean and other steamy climes embraced this tradition, offering the newly arrived sugary fruit punch, with or without rum. More recently, boutique, upscale all-inclusives and ultra-luxury hotels have kicked…

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michelin star mean to planners

What Do Michelin Star Restaurants Mean to Event Planners?

A meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant could be a powerful addition to any event. We want to know just how important access to these highly rated dining experiences is to you. Take this one-question poll now and we will report back on how starry-eyed the industry is about these rankings. Yes, the Michelin Guide is…

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It’s Fire Season

Restaurant kitchens across the land are on fire. Wood-fired cooking has chefs competing to see who can come up with the most Pitmaster-ish updates to classics of the smokin’ hot grill. In the Charlotte Marriott City Center, Stoke is overseen by Executive Chef Chris Coleman, one of North Carolina’s most respected chefs. Local hams hang from…

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Smokin’ Hot

We are hard-wired to be drawn to the smoky, charred and blistered. Deep in our cerebral cortexes, we flash back to mastodon steak in a cave dancing in reflected firelight. We have Proustian memories of campfire s’mores. Wood-fire cooking is perfect for September’s gathering sweater season. Sometimes, the best trends go back to basics. And…

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Feeding the Food Truck Frenzy in California

When out-of-towners visit California, one of the most frequently requested must-stops is In-N-Out Burger to get a Double-Double, go all-out with Animal Style or get adventurous with the secret menu. Although the fast food chain is conveniently located all over the state, if you’re busy in meetings, wouldn’t it be way easier for the restaurant to…

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Visit San Jose Makes Adventurous Food a Star at Convention Center

San Jose’s foodie scene has come a long way since three brothers living there in 1953 invented the Eggo Waffle. On Sept.  13, Team San Jose in California celebrated the first of what it hopes will be many Michelin-starred restaurants, at Adega in the heart of Little Portugal. The team brought in three other Michelin-rated…

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