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A Fish Story: A Celebration of Ceviche

June 28 is National Ceviche Day. It might seem odd that a dish barely known in the United States a generation ago is now celebrated and consumed with gusto, in metro areas at least. Ceviche is practically the national dish of Peru, and across Latin America you’ll also see it spelled seviche and cebiche. Escabeche, which is Spanish for “marinade,” may be the origin word. In Peru it is often served with slices of cold sweet potatoes; in Ecuador, with popcorn, nuts or corn nuts; in Mexico, with sliced raw onions, cilantro, avocado and toasted tortillas.

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We All Scream for Ice Cream

Ice cream is the ultimate summer staple. Whether you prefer chocolate or vanilla, single or triple scoops, sorbet or gelato, it’s hard to deny that ice cream is a cool dessert for when the sun won’t stop.

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9 Inventive, Fun Cocktails to Enliven Your Gathering

Warmer weather has triggered a wave of desire throughout North America for light, bright seasonal cocktails. Many restaurants and bars are offering particularly creative mixes that are delighting meeting groups and other patrons. Here are some of the best of the best cocktails—and where to find them.

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Blessedly, Brunch

It all began as a hangover cure. In 1895, English writer Guy Beringer coined the word—a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch—in an essay, “Brunch: A Plea.” His idea that this hybrid meal could begin with breakfast-like foods to ease the digestive system into richer dishes that followed, and, most importantly, could be acceptably chased with a little hair of the dog, didn’t catch on in America until the 1930s.

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JetBlue Helps Satisfy New York Pizza Cravings

People from the world over agree New York is known for its pizza and bagels. For those stuck more than a drive away from the city staples, a temporary solution is at hand. JetBlue is offering a Pie in the Sky promotion between New York’s JFK airport and Los Angeles’ LAX.

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Living Kokoro, Delivering Omotenashi

For 10 months a year, he travels. And from Athens to Kuala Lumpur, from Moscow to Dubai, from Budapest to Beijing, there will be a white chef’s coat waiting. He slips it on, and over his heart, in simple black embroidery, is his name. Nobu Matsuhisa.

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5 Fabulous San Francisco Rooftop Bars

If you want to venture beyond your hotel to a rooftop bar/restaurant, consider these five popular spots in San Francisco that earn raves from residents. All have private event opportunities that still capture the local vibe.

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Menu Planning? Proceed with Caution

For decades, industry surveys have shown that the quality of food and beverage at events is one of the top elements that drive attendee satisfaction. Most planners glean this simply from the reactions they observe and the comments they hear from attendees during each event’s meals and refreshment breaks.

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