JT Long

JT Long is content chief at Smart Meetings. She brings 25 years of experience in journalism and community-building and has written books on management and motivation.

Storm-Proof Your Flight

Understanding how best to navigate the travel landscape when faced with extreme weather conditions can mean the difference between arriving in time to execute on your amazing meeting and being a no-show at your own event. Whether experiencing unexpected weather, a flight cancellation or delay, here are tips from Andrew Collins, CEO and president of Sentient Jet, to smooth out the travel bumps.

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Big Business: 36 Hours in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

What do you call a place with 7.2 million people, and the fourth-largest population center in the United States? What if that place also is the fourth-largest economy in the country, with a GDP of almost $512 billion and growing—thanks, in part, to 22 Fortune 500 companies that have put down roots there? What if this financial and technology hub also covers an area larger than Connecticut? Locals call it The Metroplex. You may know Dallas-Fort Worth as meeting nirvana.