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JT Long

Content Chief at Smart Meetings
JT Long is content chief at Smart Meetings. She brings 25 years of experience in journalism and community-building and has written books on management and motivation.
JT Long


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3 Global Lessons from PCMACL’s Music City ConvergenceMeeting PlanningSpeakers

More than 4,500 event professionals converged on Nashville the second week of January with a unified vision. Planners, destination management professionals and suppliers attending Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)’s annual Convening Leaders event were resolved in their quest to “amplify engagement” and learn new ways to delight attendees. This conference—known for featuring some of the…

disrupt meeting without upsetting

How to Disrupt Your Meeting without Upsetting AttendeesMeeting Planning

For conferences, one size doesn’t fit all. Not any more. Attendees have individual motivations for signing up and engaging at meetings. That means our approach to marketing, producing and running events must appeal to very different audiences—and bring them together to build on their differences. For tips on how to do this, we called on…

Big Business: 36 Hours in the Dallas-Fort Worth MetroplexDestinations

What do you call a place with 7.2 million people, and the fourth-largest population center in the United States? What if that place also is the fourth-largest economy in the country, with a GDP of almost $512 billion and growing—thanks, in part, to 22 Fortune 500 companies that have put down roots there? What if this financial and technology hub also covers an area larger than Connecticut?

Locals call it The Metroplex. You may know Dallas-Fort Worth as meeting nirvana.

Planners Scrambling as Bomb Cyclone Hits East CoastNews

A record cold storm on the East Coast being called a “bomb cyclone” or “bombogenesis” because of how quickly the atmospheric pressure falls, is predicted to cause near whiteouts, winds of up to 50 mph and a slew of flight cancellations. Weather advisories being issued from Florida to Maine have prompted airlines to offer re-accommodations,…

bathroom bill

Defeat of Bathroom Bill Saved $7.4 Billion Tourism Economy, Says VisitDallas CEONews

More than 26.7 million people visited Dallas in 2016, adding an estimated $7.4 billion to the city’s economy. Event professionals bring their groups for the world-class restaurants, museums and super-sized facilities. Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center alone offers more than 1 million sq. ft. of space. But when VisitDallas President and CEO Phillip Jones presented…

New VWP Rules Focus on Overstays and Information SharingNewsTravel

The Department of Homeland Security enacted new rules Friday aimed at limiting overstays and enhancing airport security for 38 largely European countries, whose citizens are allowed to travel to the United States without a visa—and the travel industry applauded. New requirements to the U.S. Visa Waiver Program (VWP) require participating countries to share information with…