Independent Planner Emergency Kit

Presenter: Patricia F. Zollman, Tracy Judge, Mahoganey Jones

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The role of independent planners has evolved as lean planning teams call on experts for everything from finding venue availability to understanding local protocols and strategy. We explore new ways to work together so everyone can contribute at the highest level and deliver fabulous meetings and events.

You will learn:
  • Tips for sourcing in a tight market
  • Strategies for managing changing requirements
  • Ideas for inspiring attendees today

Patricia F. Zollman,
Pandemic Compliance Advisor, and senior director of global accounts. Pat Zollman is a meeting professional, site selection, contract guru, and pandemic compliance advisor.

Tracy Judge,
is an entrepreneur, marketer & thought leader in the hospitality and event industries. She is the Founder & CEO of Soundings, a talent platform for professionals with a people-first ethos seeking synergistic work partnerships. Soundings provides agile talent solutions for business events, associations and nonprofits, and hotels and tourism. Home to Soundings Connect, a talent solutions consultancy, and Soundings Thrive, a vibrant members-only community, Soundings brands build powerful connections that create thriving careers.
In the wake of COVID-19, Soundings doubled down on the promise to help people achieve professional success by helping organizations pivot and by providing career resources, including virtual event platform access, for freelancers.

Tracy Judge has 15+ years of event agency experience with roles in operations, sales, and executive leadership. She holds a master’s degree in Hospitality & Tourism from SDSU and is actively involved in industry associations including Meeting Professionals International, SITE, and PCMA.

Mahoganey Jones,
is the founder and CEO of Toronto, Canada-based Event Specialists Inc. She is a Certified Digital Event Strategist who works with major private brands and trade associations, including the Canadian Special Operations Force, RSA Insurance Group, and Young Professionals Organization to plan and execute events with impact.
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