Organization can be hard to maintain when planning a big event. With so many contacts, meetings, calls, deadlines and services to keep track of, it’s probably best to invest in something a little more advanced than the average calendar and notebook.  Elevate organization to the next level with these apps—keep track of every moving part and make sure you never miss a beat in the process.

1. KanbanFlow

Purpose: Time management
Rating: 4.6 stars on Chrome Web Store
Price: Free membership or $5/month per user
Compatibility: Web browsers and Google Chrome extension

Promising “lean project management, simplified” on your desktop, tablet and smartphone, KanbanFlow is used for live collaboration. KanbanFlow maximizes time management by using the Pomodoro time tracking technique, a special method of allocating specific times for tasks, so no time is wasted. As team members work on projects, their adjustments and comments appear instantly. Projects are also organized by status for clarity, and may have a list of sub-tasks to further simplify the workload.

2. Wunderlist

Purpose: Collaborative project planning
Rating: 4.8 stars on Apple App Store
Price: $4.99 a month through an auto-renewing subscription
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch; Android smartphones and tablets; Windows and MacOS.

On Wunderlist, users may create many types of sharable lists with reminders, deadlines and notes. Action items can easily be transferred from emails and manually added on the website. Best of all, the app can be accessed from nearly every smartphone or tablet available on the market.

3. 24me

Purpose: Tracking and completing all tasks, both work and personal
Rating: 4.6 stars on Apple App Store
Price: $3.99 a month or $8.99 a quarter or $29.99 a year through an auto-renewing subscription
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android devices

As a self-proclaimed “Smart Personal Assistant,” 24me is about more than in-office work. The app will streamline all aspects of life including managing social networks, service providers, errands and finances—with the promise of top cyber security throughout the process. A considerable number of tasks may also be completed directly from the platform.


Purpose: Task Automation
Rating: 4.2 stars on Apple App Store
Price: Freemium subscription, which means the app comes with ads
Compatibility: Web browsers, iPhone, iPad and Android devices

With new services added weekly, IFTTT makes it incredibly easy to manage all of your programs in one place. More than 360 apps can be integrated with IFTTT. Some big names include, Twitter, Instagram, Email, Google Drive, Amazon Alexa, EBay, FitBit, Skype, and Evernote When enabled, IFTTT can automate many daily tasks, such as opening your garage when your car enters the driveway, providing a weather update at a certain time each day, and even posting your Instagram photos on Twitter.

5. Quip

Purpose: Team communication and collaboration
Rating: 4.9 stars on Apple App Store
Price: $30/month for a team of five, an additional $10/month per extra team member.
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Android devices, MacOS and Windows

Quip offers a variety of document sharing services. If you are using Dropbox, Excel, iCloud and Gmail, contacts can be imported instantly. With its real-time messaging feature, communication is always up-to-date and straightforward, saving users time. Quip’s spreadsheets also offer more than 400 functions and customizable mobile keyboards.

6. SimpleMind

Purpose: Boosting ideas and brainstorm sessions
Rating: 4.6 stars on Apple App Store
Price: Free version, $4.99 for Android devices, $5.99 for iOS, $29.99 for MacOS and $35.66 for Windows.
Compatibility: Android devices, iPad, iPhone, MacOS and Windows.

SimpleMind allows users to easily map their brainstorming sessions and idea collections via an innovative thought-structuring device. The app has organized sections for advancing an idea, with templates for analytics, media, notes and presentations.

7. Timepage

Purpose: Travel Planning
Rating: 4.4 stars on Apple App Store
Price: $4.99 for iPhone and $6.99 for iPad.
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Timepage is ranked as the No. 1 productivity app in more than 25 countries. Moleskine, famous for its notebooks, has created a new product that matches its impressive standard. The app neatly and intuitively maps out upcoming events. Estimated travel times and maps also provide intelligent calculations which account for necessary factors such as weather conditions. Practical notifications, such as reminders when it’s time to leave, are also a handy feature of the app.