Live video streams empower planners to take attendee engagement to the next level. You can boost your conference’s impact and reach by sharing a keynote speech with viewers who are unable to attend in person. The streams also enable planners to measure interest in real time by receiving and responding to viewers’ comments instantaneously. Planners can immediately make adjustments to boost engagement during a live stream and save video streams to be watched and analyzed on a later date.

Video is becoming an increasingly important and valuable resource for meetings and events, and free tools such as Facebook Live and Periscope have made it easier than ever to set up a live stream and broadcast your event. Not long after Facebook announced that the platform’s live video could be streamed from drones (and just about any other device you can imagine), Twitter’s Periscope followed suit. As one of the world’s most popular live video streaming apps, Periscope is a fantastic tech tool for meeting planners, and it’s now more powerful than ever.


Periscope will soon be rolling out exciting new features that allow broadcasters to stream from a GoPro or DJI drone. Simply connect your iPhone to the drone remote, and Periscope will immediately capture the drone’s video feed. The app will make it simple to switch between sharing video from your phone, GoPro and drone—giving you the flexibility to offer a variety of perspectives to the viewer. According to Periscope, this feature will soon be available for iOS devices.

Additional features Periscope is rolling out will give planners the ability to search from broadcasts by title, topic and hashtag. Similar to Twitter, this searching capability will help broadcasters ensure that their videos reach a specific segment of viewers.

Periscope also plans to make it possible for broadcasters to choose how long they want their broadcasts to be viewable. Previously, Periscope streams were deleted automatically after 24 hours. Soon, streamers will have full control over when their broadcasts are deleted.