Live streaming is quickly becoming the next big thing in meetings and events, with planners taking full advantage of the benefits of having live video of speeches, activities and even behind-the-scenes goings-on. Facebook recently updated its live video streaming app, Facebook Live, with features that make it even more exciting for planners and attendees. Here are five reasons you should give Facebook Live a try at your next event.

1. Live video boosts engagement for both attendees and those who are missing the event. Live streams are a great way for those not physically at an event to participate. Live video can also improve engagement with attendees, as VIPs can use it to provide teasers for upcoming schedules and a unique glimpse of behind-the-scenes action. Facebook also makes videos available for replay after streams have ended.

2. Facebook Live allows planners to respond to viewers’ reactions and comments in real time. Facebook has added Reactions, which lets users display their feelings through emoticons. Viewers can also make comments, which video casters will be able to read and respond to in real time. For example, speakers can do post-speech Q&As to answer any lingering questions. Organizers can use Reactions to measure engagement and gauge how much attendees are enjoying a panel.


3. New updates to Facebook Live can help you expand your reach and boost event impact by making it easier for potential viewers to discover your videos. In the past, live streams were only available to followers and friends through notifications and News Feed updates. Now, Facebook has made videos much more accessible by creating a page that displays current live streams and allows users to search for live videos.

4. Facebook Live makes it possible to stream live video from just about any device. At Facebook’s F8 global developer conference this week, the company announced that it is releasing an API that will enable third-party developers to integrate Facebook Live streaming into other devices. Previously, Facebook Live could only be used through iOS and Android apps. During his keynote speech, CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed off a DJI drone that streamed the conference live to audiences around the world.